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February 8

Strategy Is 2021 going to be the year of a value rotation?

For some time now, we have been highlighting the wide valuation gap between the ‘value’ and ‘growth/quality’ ends of the market. Earlier in 2020, we suggested that the drivers of this extreme dispersion might be coming to an end and the 2020s could be the decade of the ‘cheap (...)


Don’t Mistake Growth for Quality


This week’s chaos in GameStop and related areas has blown some of the froth off equity markets and has certainly transformed the mood of some market participants

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Equity - Alternative

Neuberger Berman launches long-short equity fund for portfolio manager Steve Eisman

Equity - ETF / Index

BlackRock launches iShares Electric Vehicle and Driving Technology UCITS ETF

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December 2020

Video Vafa Ahmadi: "In thematic management, our assets reach 12 billion euros"

The launch of the 1st fund in 2009, on the theme of the aging of the population, allowed CPR AM to position itself as a leading player in the field of thematic investment.


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Opinion UK Equities: Resurrection of the deplorable asset class!

If the UK equity market was out of favour at the beginning of 2020, it’s even more so now. Until the arrival of three vaccines prompted a wave of market exuberance towards the end of the year, UK equities had fallen approximately 20%. The only two worse-performing equity (...)


Opinion Outlook 2021: Global and thematic equities

Global equities can continue to perform well in 2021, but tech may have to share the limelight with some unloved areas. Meanwhile, a number of mega-trends will continue to gather pace.


Opinion Tech innovation: reaching all sectors Companies across a range of industries are deploying innovative technologies to spark rapid growth, creating attractive investment opportunities

When China’s leading telecoms operators launched their 5G data plans on 1 November, they were two months ahead of schedule in going live with one of the world’s biggest next-generation networks, demonstrating the pace of digital evolution in Asia’s largest (...)


Strategy Are investors too confident?

With stock markets close to all-time highs at a time of very elevated economic uncertainty, the question arises if investors have become too confident. Today’s chart from The Yale School of Management Stock Market Confidence Indexes reveals how probable U.S. individual and (...)


Opinion Tech roars up: can markets follow?

From a more fundamental perspective, as mentioned in past updates, we are convinced that technology adoption (be it automation, cloud migration or less straightforward technology trends, such as AI, big data, machine learning..) still has a long way to go in a multitude of (...)


Opinion Guy de Blonay H2 outlook

Global equities had their best quarter since 1998 in Q2 and started Q3 on a positive note. Markets could be choppier during summer, as valuations are rich in some leading sectors, seasonal liquidity is lower and many sources of risks (...)


Strategy Investment Style Rotations - Growth versus Value

Style rotations, where investors switch one type of investment style for another, are nothing new. At some point during most investment cycles different styles – such as growth, quality and value – will outperform at different points as investors rotate in and out depending on (...)


News Market Cap of Three Largest Tech Companies Listed on London Stock Exchange Dropped by $14.9bn in Six Months

According to data gathered by BuyShares.co.uk, the market cap of the three largest tech companies trading on the London Stock Exchange amounted to $120.4bn last week, a $14.9bn plunge since the beginning of the (...)


Opinion Covid-19 likely a catalyst for more cashless transactions

The lockdowns implemented in the wake of the pandemic have had profound implications on the way people live. One of them in the payment sector has been a surge in e-commerce activity. More importantly perhaps, Covid-19 is blurring the lines between e-commerce and traditional (...)


Opinion Fast-moving valuation case prompts Japan downgrade

The old adage “money makes the world go round” has never rung so true. In the investment world, money translates into corporate earnings and cash flows, which analysts have used for years to value companies.

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Note Emotion is not a sign of weakness for investors any more

New research suggests that rather than staying cold-bloodied and rational the top fund managers use emotion to choose which stocks to buy.


Interview The Rise of TRFs – How Funds Use Them to Generate Alpha

Hedge funds and traditional institutional investors are increasingly turning to total return futures (TRFs) to get exposure to the repo market related to an underlying index such as the EURO STOXX 50® Index. Antoine Deix, Senior Equity Derivatives Strategist at BNP Paribas, (...)


Interview Elie Ayache : « The trading of derivatives products has nothing to do with the probability distributions»

He was among the first volatility traders in the matif ! ITO33 Founder and former head of research at Dexia AM, Elie Ayache gives us his thoughts on the derivatives markets he defines as the technology...


Innovation EnterNext launches Tech 40 label to promote innovative european companies

EnterNext, the Euronext subsidiary dedicated to promoting and growing the market for SMEs, today announced the launch of Tech 40, a label recognising innovative European SMEs listed on the markets it covers. Each year Tech 40 will allow 40 top-performing European companies (...)


Strategy Risk factor investing explained

Risk factor investing is growing in popularity, but there’s a risk of getting lost in the factor “zoo”. In this Expert Opinion Thierry Roncalli, Head of Quantitative Research at Lyxor Asset Management, explains the concept of risk factors and distinguishes between facts and (...)


Innovation Amundi brings investors a focus on US mid cap equities with Amundi Funds Wells Fargo US Mid Cap

Amundi offers investors exposure to US domestic growth potential with Amundi Funds Wells Fargo US Mid Cap, a sub-fund of its Luxembourg flagship SICAV. This sub-fund, formerly Amundi Funds Equity US Concentrated Core, aims to achieve long-term capital growth, and (...)


Strategy Does a liquidity factor premium exist in the stock market?

Academic studies present ample evidence in support of the existence of four factor premiums in stock markets: Low Risk, Value, Momentum, and Quality. Factor investing puts these concepts into practice by enabling investors to allocate their capital explicitly to these (...)


Regulation Solvency II: Advantage convertible bonds

The results of QIS 5 confirmed that convertible bonds bear low capital cost. A balanced-profile convertible bond portfolio with optimized convexity therefore obtains a moderate intrinsic SCR whilst benefiting from «equity» (...)


Product What is a dividend "future"?

A dividend future is a forward contract traded on an organized market, allowing taking a position on the amount of dividends paid by a publicly traded company to its shareholders for a specific maturity date. It is not necessary to hold shares in the company to intervene in (...)


Interview Jad Comair : « We have much more interesting entry points to our dividend Futures strategies than those of our competitors in other asset classes »

Spin-off of the trading department of Société Générale, Jad Comair and his team have created Melanion Capital in order to provide investors with a new source of return on an innovative asset class , dividend Futures.


Eurex Market-on-Close Futures

Eurex Market-on-Close Futures : Benefiting the market: a listed solution for basis trading | Application opportunities | Key benefits | Eliminated slippage risk

Actions Thématiques - Special Disruption

Actions Thématiques - Special Disruption - La pandémie du Covid 19, accélérateur de la disruption sur le long terme : En quelques semaines, l’innovation s’est accélérée, les taux d’adoption à de nouveaux usages ont explosé : télémédecine, apprentissage à distance, loisirs confinés… (...)


Special Finance Responsable : Investir dans les entreprises européennes qui limitent leurs émissions de CO2 : zoom sur l’indice Low Carbon 100 Europe®. | Décarbonation de Portefeuille : De quoi parle-t-on ? | Réduction des émissions de CO2 : où en sont les sociétés cotées (...)

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