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July 25

Opinion Europe’s overlooked technology sector is thriving

While Europe’s fragmentation has hindered development of a mass-market giant to rival those from the US and China, its distinctive technology businesses are competing successfully in global markets.


European equities have room to rally


Facebook’s Libra announcement shows it has no fear of further scrutiny over data privacy, says GlobalData

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Neuberger Berman launches long-short equity fund for portfolio manager Steve Eisman

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BlackRock launches iShares Electric Vehicle and Driving Technology UCITS ETF

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January 15

Interview The Rise of TRFs – How Funds Use Them to Generate Alpha

Hedge funds and traditional institutional investors are increasingly turning to total return futures (TRFs) to get exposure to the repo market related to an underlying index such as the EURO STOXX 50® Index. Antoine Deix, Senior Equity Derivatives Strategist at BNP Paribas, (...)


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Opinion Facebook’s Libra announcement shows it has no fear of further scrutiny over data privacy, says GlobalData

Following the recent announcement that Facebook intends to launch a cryptocurrency called Libra, Laura Petrone, Senior Analyst, Thematic Research at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view on the data privacy concerns around this (...)


Opinion Equities and corporate credit well placed as fed pauses for breath

Last year ended with torrid market returns, and we entered 2019 with global financial conditions tightening sharply. So where does that leave us, and how will we react with regards to the Global Multi Asset Income (...)


Opinion Five Eyes on 5G

Last November I was talking to investors in Japan about how 5G connectivity was going to change the way we live in unimaginable ways. Perspectives from Yan Taw Boon, Director of Equity Research, Asia and Co-Portfolio Manager, Equity Research Thematic Portfolios, Neuberger (...)


Opinion Brexit’s impact for equity investors

For someone living, moving to or doing business with the United Kingdom in the last year, the “Brexit Question” has been an important consideration. During the beginning of 2019 there have been several dates, votes and occasions when we expected to get a detailed picture of (...)


News Arcure joins Euronext Growth

Euronext today welcomed Arcure, a company that harnesses artificial intelligence to create customised image processing solutions for industry, to its Euronext Growth market.


News Summa Equity closes its Fund II with SEK 6.5 billion to invest to solve global challenges

Summa Equity announced today that it has raised further capital to continue to invest to solve global challenges. Summa Equity Fund II closed at hard cap with investor commitments of SEK 6.5 billion (c. EUR 610 million). With Fund I and II, Summa Equity now manages (...)


Opinion A tale of two worlds: a robust business cycle in the US and a draining of liquidity in the rest of the world

After President Trump signed the ’Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ into law on 22 December 2017, we expected corporate earnings growth to be strong in 2018. In fact, it has been far stronger, as the direct effect of the tax cut on corporate earnings was further magnified by the (...)


Strategy In troubled markets, the dividend is what the investor remembers when he has forgotten everything

According to Eric Labbé, Thematic equity manager at CPR AM, for 2019, the high dividend strategy is therefore an advantageous alternative in the framework of defensive equity management in the context of a challenging (...)


News Baikowski® lists on Euronext Growth

Euronext today welcomed Baikowski®, a leading industrial manufacturer of specialty inorganics, to listing on its Euronext Growth market in Paris.


News The S&P 500 tanked twice this year by some 10%. Neither nice nor historically unusual.

Dropping twice by some 10%, as the index has this year, might seem more exceptional. But it is not that uncommon, too, when looking back in history: at least two declines by 10% or more within one year have occurred seven times since (...)

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Product What is a dividend "future"?

A dividend future is a forward contract traded on an organized market, allowing taking a position on the amount of dividends paid by a publicly traded company to its shareholders for a specific maturity date. It is not necessary to hold shares in the company to intervene in (...)


Product How to develop a quantitative model for stock picking ?

Cyrille Collet, Christian Lopez and Alexander Decoene from CPR AM show us how to make static combinations of factors to create a model for stock picking on a given universe ...


Interview Jürgen Maier: «Emerging Markets will continue to become more and more important for the global economy and capital markets »

According to Jürgen Maier, fund manager in the team «Emerging Markets Equities» at Raiffeisen Capital Management, Emerging Markets have weathered the economic crisis and will remain competitive thanks to massive investments in infrastructure in the years to come and enormous (...)


Opinion China goes for ’gently does it’

Chinese economic reforms continue, but the authorities are going about it carefully. After all, they don’t want to risk missing their growth targets. Oil-price declines and the US growth recovery are providing some welcome wind in China’s (...)


Strategy Two big macro themes the strategic investor should be looking at

The two big macro themes that investors should keep in mind are those of deleveraging and rebalancing. There has been a ream of insight written about fiscal sustainability over the past three years, but the most important question lies in whether there will be an offsetting (...)


Opinion European equities: Back to basics

Following the French election, European equity markets are breathing a sigh of relief. While some structural challenges remain, strong fundamentals point towards continued European equity outperformance, triggered by reduced political tail (...)


Strategy European value: political uncertainty affords opportunity

Nick Sheridan, European equities manager, provides his outlook for 2017, discussing how politics is likely to shape investor sentiment (much as it did in 2016) and how he is positioning his value-biased strategy to take advantage of any mis-priced (...)


Strategy Saudi opens the door to billions of inflows

Announcement that the Saudi cabinet has approved plans to open up its stock market to foreign financial institutions in H1 2015 is a long-awaited step towards MSCI EM index inclusion.


Opinion Reasons to embrace risk

According to Richard Turnill, BlackRock’s Global Chief Investment Strategist, if we look at the earnings yield of U.S. equities — the implied yield in earnings estimates that makes potential returns comparable to bond yields. U.S. equities look expensive on this basis. But (...)


News ING exchanges EUR 337.5 million notes of NN anchor investors into NN shares

ING announced today it will exchange the second tranche of EUR 337.5 million of mandatory exchangeable subordinated notes into 13.6 million NN Group ordinary shares.


Smart Beta

Special focus on Smart Beta & Factor Investing : Beta positionning and outlook within current asset management framework | Risk factor investing | Factors Value, Momentum, Low Volatility, Quality | Smart Beta and Low Carbon | Smart Beta and (...)

Eurex Market-on-Close Futures

Eurex Market-on-Close Futures : Benefiting the market: a listed solution for basis trading | Application opportunities | Key benefits | Eliminated slippage risk

ETF Actions américaines

Actions américaines : comment investir à ce stade du cycle ? Avec une collecte record de 16 milliards d’euros à fin août, soit 70% de la collecte totale du marché des ETF européens, les actions américaines dominent largement les flux ETF depuis le début de (...)


Special Finance Responsable : Investir dans les entreprises européennes qui limitent leurs émissions de CO2 : zoom sur l’indice Low Carbon 100 Europe®. | Décarbonation de Portefeuille : De quoi parle-t-on ? | Réduction des émissions de CO2 : où en sont les sociétés cotées (...)

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