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Pricing Partners, independent valuation expert

Pricing Partners’ core business is the independent valuation of hard to value OTC products on a wide range of markets.

The company’s flagship products Price-it® Excel and Price-it® Online share common vision and capabilities with access to an extensive pricing analytic library – Price-it® Library – that can price virtually any product from the simplest vanilla option (swaps, options, CMS) to the most complex ones (Range Accruals, TARNs, CSB, CPPIs, CDOs and other hybrid products).

Price-it® Excel values derivative products portfolios through an Excel interface. Price-it® Online remotely values derivative products portfolios through a Software as a Service interface enabling clients to download accurate valuations reports with full audit trail.

Both solutions have wide product coverage and enable enterprises to value multiple asset classes including, Bonds, Equity, Credit Derivatives, Inflation, Interest Rates, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, MBS and Hybrid Products.

Price-it® Library delivers on-demand pricing insuring that clients obtain the best results all the while adapting to market trends.

Our solutions offer you extended pricing capabilities of derivative portfolios, financial engineering expertise and independence, as well as reduced time to market in derivative product innovations.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of services, accompanying you every step of the way and helping you optimize the use of Price-it capabilities. These services include dedicated workshops and tailor made training services, consulting services, assistance in kick-off phase, help desk and online support.

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