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Ossiam, an expert in quantitative asset management

Ossiam is an affiliate of Natixis Global Asset Management, a world leading investment management firms with total assets under management reaching €591.2 bn at December 31, 2012.

Headquartered in Paris, France, Ossiam was the first ETF company in Europe to offer access to multiple financial asset classes via a diverse range of specialty ETFs and funds, based on quantitative and fundamental analysis. Its team has extensive experience in fund management, ETF structuring, fundamental and quantitative research and trading.

Ossiam’s added value lies in the development of non-discretionary management styles, based on quantitative and fundamental analysis and the availability of these management strategies through Collective Investment Schemes to meet the various allocation and risk management requirements of investors.


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Fabien Dornier, Chief Investment Officer

Ossiam’s management team ( Bruno Poulin, CEO - Founding partner, Antoine Moreau, Deputy CEO - Founding partner, Isabelle Bourcier, Head of Business Development, Fabien Dornier, Chief Investment Officer – Partner, Philippe Chanzy, Chief Operating Officer - Chief Risk Officer ) is made up of recognised professionals who have come from investment banks and asset management companies.
They bring together complementary expertise covering the areas of asset management, ETFs, fund structuring, quantitative research and financial analysis, market and operational risk control and trading of all asset classes.

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