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September 15

Interview Charlotte Alliot: « Index and Futures Euronext ESG 80 allow investors to invest in the 80 best performing ESG and best energy transition score listed companies in the euro zone »

According to Charlotte Alliot, Head of Institutional Derivatives, Euronext, the index ESG 80 improves the overall ESG score by 16.1% and the energy transition score by 26.2% compared to its benchmark…


Matthieu Esposito: "We have not changed our strategic allocation with the health crisis"


Thierry Dissaux : “Yes, we use Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) criteria”


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June 4

Interview Pierre Kanengieser : “I would advise finance / insurance groups to accelerate their digital transformation”

According to Pierre Kanengieser, Head of Finance & Insurance Industry at Facebook France, the only ambition of the social network is to connect the maximum number of people with each other in the world and not to compete with banks and (...)

March 26

Interview Yann Duvaud-Schelnast : "Our entire portfolio - whether on listed or non-listed asset is subject to an ESG analysis / review"

According to Yann Duvaud-Schelnast, Head of Sustainable Investment, innovation and governance at Allianz France, the subject of carbon occupies a key place to date in the insurer’s ESG strategy.

February 11

Interview Joachim Fels & Nicolas Mai : « The Coronavirus outbreak poses some downside risk to the forecasts »

Joachim Fels, Managing Director, Global Economic Advisor at Pimco and member of the investment committee and Nicola Mai, Executive Vice President in the London office are cautious and selective in the current market (...)

December 2019

Interview Bertrand Alfandari : « We have broadened our range mainly by adding equity and bond ETFs with an ESG approach »

BNP Paribas Asset Management and Bertrand Alfandari, Head of ETF Business Development want to continue to be one of the leading ESG ETF providers in Europe and believe that it is important to support its client expectations in this field, both in the equity and bond (...)

December 2019

Interview Jean-Philippe Médecin : « The CNP’s subordinated green bond issue was a great success »

CNP Assurances has successfully launched its first subordinated green bond issuance. Jean-Philippe Médecin, the director of the prop trading and financing department at CNP Assurances, gave us more details.

May 2019

Interview Simon Bond : “Our European Social Bond Fund is carefully managed with a mix of maturities to offer daily liquidity”

According to Simon Bond, Threadneedle (Lux) European Social Bond Fund manager, the fund aims to balance three key elements: clear social impact, daily liquidity and financial return with a similar risk/return profile as a regular investment grade (...)

April 2019

Interview Pascal Koenig : « We believe that these concentration movements should continue, including among the leading players »

According to Pascal Koenig, Partner at Deloitte, Head of asset management, the operations of M&A, search for new shareholders, team transfers have multiplied in France in recent months. He believes that these concentration movements should continue, including among the (...)

March 2019

Interview Pierre Valentin ; “We have placed SRI at the heart of our investment philosophy”

According to Pierre Valentin, chairman of Ecofi Investissements, except for wealth management Ecofi’s entire range of open funds is 100 % SRI this year, whether it for equity, bond, money market or multi-asset funds.

March 2019

Interview Climate change: from fantasy to reality

Global warming has been an issue for many years now. It is often regarded as a long-term challenge. That is certainly true, except that the “long term” is now close at hand, and climate change’s economic impact can already be measured in several major (...)

February 2019

Interview Bruno Servant & François Garreau : « Climate change and its consequences is a major challenge for the insurance industry and its business model »

According to Bruno Servant, CIO, Generali France and François Garreau, in charge of CSR, Generali France, as institutional investors, insurance companies have to take long term positions to manage risks in coherence with the long term horizon of its (...)

January 2019

Interview Guillaume Abel : “SRI is becoming THE relevant fund management”

According to Guillaume Abel, head of business development of La Banque Postale Asset Management (LBPAM), SRI is becoming THE relevant fund management. LBPAM plans to launch a Green Bond fund to come in 2019 and the creation of tailor-made SRI model portfolios to monitor the (...)

January 2019

Interview The Rise of TRFs – How Funds Use Them to Generate Alpha

Hedge funds and traditional institutional investors are increasingly turning to total return futures (TRFs) to get exposure to the repo market related to an underlying index such as the EURO STOXX 50® Index. Antoine Deix, Senior Equity Derivatives Strategist at BNP Paribas, (...)

January 2019

Interview Héléna Charrier : “Dialogue is the first lever of decarbonisation for investments in the companies financed”

According to Héléna Charrier, director of responsible investment projects at Caisse des Dépôts, Caisse des Dépôts and its subsidiary Bpifrance also want to support the decarbonisation of their investment portfolios in unlisted (...)

September 2018

Interview Ten years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers

According to Olaf Tölke, team leader, corporates, Scope Ratings, low interest rates are a major problem because they don’t reflect the true cost of risk. The result is that enterprises and individuals have taken on more and more debt simply because it is (...)

December 2017

Interview Régis Pinguet : “The two criteria used to select ETFs are its assets under management and on the other hand its replication methodology.”

Régis Pinguet, head of the fund selection and analysis department at CNP Assurances, tells us more about its use of ETFs

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Interview Nassim Taleb « portfolio theory: it’s a bit what astrology was to our ancestors »

Empirica LLC founder and author of best seller Fooled by Randomness, Nassim Taleb, answered the questions of Next-finance in an exclusive interview.


Interview François Lhabitant : «We have received dozens of proposals but only one long / short manager passed our selection ! »

Established in 2001, Kedge Capital manages the assets of the Bertarelli family. The company invests successfully nearly $ 6 billion in hedge funds, for a net return of 6.7% annually since its inception...


Interview Philippe Goubeault : « We could replace a benchmarked fund by a ’Smart Beta’ index »

According to Philippe Goubeault, CFO of Agirc Arrco, ’Smart Beta’ strategies can already be part of the asset allocation program of Agirc and Arrco even if their current weight in existing portfolios is not significant (...)


Interview Bruno Dupire: «The problem of finance is not to compute......»

A pioneer of local volatility models and leader of quantitative research at Société Générale then Paribas, Bruno Dupire, gives us his vision of markets and responds to criticism of the local volatility...


Interview Jad Comair : « We have much more interesting entry points to our dividend Futures strategies than those of our competitors in other asset classes »

Spin-off of the trading department of Société Générale, Jad Comair and his team have created Melanion Capital in order to provide investors with a new source of return on an innovative asset class , dividend Futures.


Interview Michel Manteau : « We have mainly chosen minimum variance strategies because we seek to reduce the volatility of our equity portfolio »

Michel Manteau, head of portfolio management at CARMF (« Caisse Autonome de Retraite des Médecins de France »), the retirement institution for french doctors tells us more about Smart Beta strategies.


Interview Total Return Derivatives: Can Repo Emerge as a New Asset Class?

According to Antoine Porcheret, Senior Equity & Derivative Strategist at BNP Paribas, Total Return Futures constitute a listed solution to mitigate concerns surrounding the envisaged introduction of bilateral margining for non-cleared OTC (...)


Interview Joachim Fels & Nicolas Mai : « The Coronavirus outbreak poses some downside risk to the forecasts »

Joachim Fels, Managing Director, Global Economic Advisor at Pimco and member of the investment committee and Nicola Mai, Executive Vice President in the London office are cautious and selective in the current market (...)


Interview Fiona Reynolds : « The idea that sustainability equated to diminished returns has been steadily eroded with numerous studies »

Fiona Reynolds, Managing Director of the PRI (United Nations) gives us her point of view on SRI in the investment world. According to the idea that sustainability equated to diminished returns has been steadily eroded with numerous (...)


Interview Espen Haug : «I am also playing with the idea of setting up an Anti-Hedge Fund»

Former Amaranth’s and Paloma Partners’ derivative trader, Espen Haug plans to launch an Anti-Hedge Funds and believes his strategies are too complex to be turned into «Black Box»...


Interview Jeremy Bell : « The rescue plans will not hamper the availability of liquidity to funds »

According to Jeremy Bell, business lawyer and associate at Ashurst in London, some firms are making sure that their euro deposits are in bank accounts located in strong Eurozone countries instead of accounts in weak (...)


Interview Antoine Prudent : « InPact Advisory is currently conducting a mission for 5 large Swiss institutional investors willing to invest in an Alternative Risk Premia strategy »

According to Antoine Prudent, founding partner of InPact Advisory, the advantage of Risk Premia products is also to reduce costs compared to the usual pricing for alternative products…


Interview Bruno Crastes : « Our models are still based on an enhanced version of the Black-Litterman model »

Former star managers of Amundi, Bruno Castres and Vincent Chailley have created H2O Asset Management, a London-based alternative management company. In an interview with Next-Finance, Bruno Castres unveils the firm’s objectives and (...)


Interview Elie Ayache : « The trading of derivatives products has nothing to do with the probability distributions»

He was among the first volatility traders in the matif ! ITO33 Founder and former head of research at Dexia AM, Elie Ayache gives us his thoughts on the derivatives markets he defines as the technology...


Interview Nicolas Gaussel : « An asset management style which does not include any Quant element does not exist!»

Quantitative strategies, asset allocation, absolute performance…. Nicolas Gaussel, head of quantitative and structured management of Lyxor, answers our questions.


Interview Isabelle Bourcier : “Our ambitions is to grow in Smart Beta and SRI ETFs”

Evolution of the ETF market, impact of the regulations, ongoing development at BNP Paribas Asset Management...Isabelle Bourcier, Head of quantitative and index management at BNP Paribas Asset Management shares its view with (...)

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FR Interview Christian Carrega : « Dans le cas du contrat d’assurance Préfon-Retraite, les décisions d’investissements respectent un filtre ISR »
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