June 12

Opinion Reform is the secret of India’s growth

Since assuming office in 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has put in place a raft of reform measures aimed at strengthening the nation’s infrastructure and economic fundamentals.


Pakistan: Balancing risks and rewards


The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) joins the Global Emerging Markets (GEMs) Risk Database Consortium


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April 16

Opinion Russia now - should investors be bold or sit on the sidelines?

People are drawing parallels with the Crimean annexation and sanctions put in place then - which heavily impacted the Russian market. But the macroeconomic Russian situation is very different today - it is much (...)

March 19

Opinion South Africa: a ray of hope

Following weeks of contestation, Jacob Zuma resigned on 14 February 2018 after nine years in office, leaving a mixed legacy to South Africa’s new president, Cyril Ramaphosa.

February 14

Opinion Vietnam & Cambodia - Asian frontiers on the front foot

February 8

Strategy Outperforming in Asia with boots on the ground

Arnout van Rijn and Victoria Mio attribute the success of their flagship equity strategies to opening an office in Hong Kong in 2008, enabling local access to the companies in which they invest. They previously managed the strategies as part of the emerging market equities (...)

December 2017

Innovation BlackRock has expanded its Asian equity fund range by launching the BlackRock Global Funds (BGF) China Flexible Equity Fund

The Fund is designed to enable a growing number of investors seeking to access opportunities in both onshore (A-shares) and offshore (H-shares, Red-chips, P-chips, American Depositary Receipts [ADRs], etc.) Chinese equity markets without having the need to allocate to two (...)

December 2017

Innovation Legg Mason launches global emerging markets fund

Legg Mason Inc, one of the world’s largest active asset management firms with $754 billion AuM, announces the launch of the Legg Mason Martin Currie Global Emerging Markets Fund into their Dublin-based fund range.

November 2017

Innovation BlackRock launches new China A-Share Opportunities Fund

BlackRock has launched the BlackRock Global Funds (BGF) China A-Share Opportunities Fund. The Fund is designed for investors looking for growth, alpha and diversification from the China A-Share market.

November 2017

Opinion India: After a period of euphoria, doubts are resurfacing

According to Laetitia Baldeschi, Co-Head of Research and Strategy at CPR AM, their equity managers are therefore underweight on India within their CPR GEAR Emergents strategy relative to the MSCI Emerging index.

August 2017

Opinion Don’t believe everything you read

African elections are back in the headlines, apparently for all the wrong reasons. But according to Aberdeen Asset Management Senior Investment Manager Kevin Daly, the reality is better than some would have you (...)

July 2017

Opinion China-US détente eases investor fears

The meeting between President Trump and President Xi in April removes a cloud hanging over the equity market. This comes at a time when fears over debt levels have been well discounted, while growth appears to have stabilised nicely at a relatively high level. Furthermore, (...)

July 2017

Interview Aude Lerivrain : « Can we invest in the chinese banking sector without worries? »

According to Aude Lerivrain, Head of Credit Research at CPR AM, we are seeing in the Chinese banking system many of the early warning signs of the major banking crises of recent years (in the US, Ireland and Spain)...

June 2017

Opinion China A-shares inclusion in MSCI indices to redefine emerging market investing

The MSCI approval of China A-shares inclusion in their benchmark Emerging Markets and ACWI indices is likely to redefine the way investors invest in emerging markets according to ETF Securities, one of the world’s leading, independent providers of Exchange Traded Products (...)

May 2017

Opinion Brazil : Political risk is back

Just as political risk seemed confined to developed markets, Brazil sent a stark reminder yesterday that presidential upheavals are not something buried in Emerging Markets’ past.

May 2017

Opinion Brazil’s stockmarket and currency have fallen sharply on concerns about a new political crisis in Latin America’s largest economy

According to Matthew Vaight, Manager of M&G Global Emerging Markets, investors are worried that the revelations could lead to political turmoil and jeopardise the government’s plans to revive the Brazilian economy...

February 2017

Opinion Opportunities in Mexico despite Trump

I recently met with a number of companies in Mexico. Obviously it is a very topical time to be in that part of the world, given everything President Trump has said and done to shift the tone of the US’s relationship with its southern neighbour. I came away from the trip (...)

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News BNP Paribas Investment Partners granted one of the first RQFII licenses in France and the Eurozone

BNP Paribas Investment Partners granted one of the first RQFII licenses in France and the Eurozone: Providing its clients with the latest investment avenues to China’s Onshore Markets


Strategy Five Emerging-Market Brands to Watch

Abracadabra! – here come emerging-market brands. Now that Alibaba has proved it can be done, expect to see more. Here’s a look at five possibles.


News iShares JPMorgan $ Emerging Market Bond Fund surpasses $1 billion in AUM

The fund has seen over $700 million in inflows year to date...


Innovation Scipion Capital launches mining & resources fund focused on Africa

The Scipion Mining and Resources Fund which is expected to deliver annual returns of over 50% is targeting international institutional and wealthy individual investors


Note The impact of commodity prices on Emerging Markets

In the report, Nomura’s researchers highlight five channels through which emerging market economies are affected by lower commodity prices: Merchandise trade, CPI inflation, profit margins, fiscal positions, and GDP growth to assess the winners and losers in the Emerging (...)


Strategy The right time to invest in emerging markets?

Complete reversal in emerging equity markets in 2016: the highly geared/cyclical/risky stocks that collapsed in 2015 skyrocketed in 2016. Where to go? In 2015, emerging markets have had stormy times. An unexpected devaluation of the Yuan, the collapse of numerous emerging (...)


Opinion China at crossroads

According to Aninda Mitra, senior sovereign analyst at Standish Mellon Asset Management, the International Monetary Fund’s in-principle acceptance of the CNY in the SDR basket is, in our view, an important step in cementing the process of greater medium-term capital account (...)


Strategy The market’s focus on risks to EM from slower Chinese growth creates opportunities for stock pickers

According to Ross Teverson, Head of Global Emerging Markets Strategy at Jupiter, market is overly focused on risk rather than opportunity, EM valuations already price in a very negative scenario and recent weakness has created the opportunity to invest in positive long-term (...)


Strategy Africa: A continent of opportunities

As global demand for commodities continues to grow, we believe Africa is in an enviable position with its vast resources, not only minerals but also food—60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land is in Africa...


Opinion Don’t believe everything you read

African elections are back in the headlines, apparently for all the wrong reasons. But according to Aberdeen Asset Management Senior Investment Manager Kevin Daly, the reality is better than some would have you (...)


Opinion Look to Smaller Emerging Markets to Boost Returns

According to State Street Global Advisors’ Active Emerging Markets investment team, the rise of emerging markets is more than just BRIC story.


Opinion Stuck between Europe and China

For investors in emerging markets, the positive dynamics in China, on the one hand, and the malaise in Europe, on the other, are causing perplexity.


Opinion Volatility creates buying opportunities in emerging markets fixed income

Emerging markets debt will offer investors compelling buying opportunities when US interest rates start to normalize, according to Greg Saichin, CIO Emerging Market Debt at Allianz Global Investors, the EUR 387 billion asset (...)


Opinion Rough times for South America

Gone is the dynamic growth that propelled Latam as one of the top performing asset classes between 2010 and 2012. Just as western economies were attempting to regain their footing, following the 2008 financial devastation, South American economies were on a (...)


Opinion Indian economics: on the right track

According to Avinash Vazirani, indian stocks have been a bright spot within emerging – and developed – markets in recent months... Avinash Vazirani


Strategy Africa, the emerging market story of the next decade ?

According to Mark Mobius, Africa could represent a tremendous opportunity for investors in the next few years. The continent is well known for its wealth of natural resources, much of it barely developed, which includes oil and gas and a variety of metals and minerals, as (...)

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