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May 19

Opinion Have emerging markets lost their mojo?

Emerging markets have never really been a wallflower in the world of capital market news. Even with this said, however, the past three years have been fairly extreme in terms of the range of events that have played out in the asset class, and the persistent and overwhelming (...)


Burgers, beer and deflation fear: credit opportunities amid the chaos


Post-Covid recovery packages must quicken the pace to net-zero carbon emissions


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May 4

Opinion Impact of Covid-19: How did the nordic countries react?

The reaction to the virus outbreak was not one of denial at Nordic governments. The responses have been decisive, swift and wide to contain the first fall outs. Let’s take a firm look in the rear–mirror on what the Nordic countries looked like when the crises set (...)

May 4

Opinion Coronavirus: research, research, research…

In terms of data, the impact of the economic freeze is seen first on jobs; unemployment will rise dramatically, with the peak expected in the second quarter numbers. GDP contraction will follow – for example, the recent eurozone PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) was very weak (...)

April 22

Opinion The oil has gone into negative territory

Yesterday was a historical day in the oil market. The American market, called West Texas Intermediate (WTI), moved to minus USD40—a fantastic move. The reason for this is likely connected to storage issues as people are consuming far less fuel amid the (...)

April 17

Opinion Fast-moving valuation case prompts Japan downgrade

The old adage “money makes the world go round” has never rung so true. In the investment world, money translates into corporate earnings and cash flows, which analysts have used for years to value companies.

April 16

Opinion Sustainability themes present multi-year opportunities

If we look back to the start of the year, climate change was very much at the top of the investor agenda, said Charlie Thomas, Head of Strategy, Environment & Sustainability. However, it’s fair to say that COVID-19 has knocked it off the top spot, and rightly so, as it (...)

April 6

Opinion Social bond market responds to the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus outbreak is a social issue that threatens the well-being of the world’s population. With ther ICMA Social Bond Principles published in 2017, the past few years has seen the bond market develop products that address social issues, with $59 billion issued to (...)

April 3

Opinion Dividends in a crisis

Dividends have gone into lockdown. As the world attempts to control the spread of coronavirus, companies are slashing or foregoing their dividends globally in an effort to shore up their capital. In Europe, the European Central Bank (ECB) has taken it a step further, (...)

March 31

Opinion The second wave

As the coronavirus continues to impact the global economy, Charles Hepworth, Investment Director, GAM Investments, discusses the risks that a second wave of epidemics could pose in the future.

March 25

Opinion Banks emerge as part of solution to Covid-19 economic crisis

The operating environment for European banks will be challenging, but resolution and senior debt bail-in are extremely unlikely. Banks will have to be a key piece of the puzzle as authorities seek to minimise long-term economic (...)

March 23

Opinion The ECB takes a significant step

The ECB issued a new impressive 750bn QE program to deal with the Covid-19 virus. The key elements are that it follows the APP (asset purchase programs) and that it is ambivalently stated regarding the key ratio before maturity in that it seems a tad tougher than the (...)

March 23

Opinion Bomb doors open

What impact could helicopter money have on the US economy? Charles Hepworth, Investment Director, GAM Investments assesses the ever-evolving situation.

March 19

Opinion Is the world now heading for recession?

On Monday (9 March), equities sold off and credit spreads widened sharply as risk assets had one of their worst days since 2008, at the height of the global financial crisis. Meanwhile, gold and sovereign bonds rallied such that 10-year gilt yields started to approach zero (...)

March 3

Opinion Weighing up potential market impacts from the coronavirus

As the virus outbreak spreads well beyond China, it is hard to forecast exactly what the economic impact will be, but it’s safe to say that consumption and supply will be significantly affected

March 3

Opinion US: Fed cut key rates by 50 bp

After G7 central banks-finance ministers meeting, Fed decided an intermeeting rate cut by 50 bp to 1%-1.25%. Interest rates served on reserves was also cut to 1.10% and the primary credit rate also cut to 1.75%. In its statement, Fed mentioned the US economy is still strong, (...)

February 25

Opinion Europe’s untapped payments potential

In the first of a new regular series of insight pieces looking at the key trends, themes and opportunities in the financial technology sector, Guy de Blonay, manager of the Jupiter Financial Innovation Fund, says the domination of banks in the European payments space is set (...)

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Opinion Review of the chinese economy at the end of the summer of 2019

The monthly data published at the start of the second quarter are fairly mixed and show no tangible signs of growth momentum improving in China. The GDP published for the second quarter has recently confirmed this sentiment. The slowdown at work since the start of the decade (...)


Opinion Impact of Covid-19: How did the nordic countries react?

The reaction to the virus outbreak was not one of denial at Nordic governments. The responses have been decisive, swift and wide to contain the first fall outs. Let’s take a firm look in the rear–mirror on what the Nordic countries looked like when the crises set (...)


Opinion Accidental Americans Create Headache for French, European Banks

Boris Johnson, who was born in New York but left when he was five, found it outrageous that he was obliged to pay US taxes. The easy solution was to pay to renounce his US citizenship, which he did in 2016. Hundreds of other accidental Americans don’t have the luxury of such (...)


Opinion What is “risk free” ?

Would it be conceivable that top-quality corporates can take over the baton of being the “risk free” investment of choice? Nestle default protection is cheaper than German sovereign protection and Wal-Mart default protection is cheaper than United States sovereign (...)


Opinion Perspective and real solvency of banks

Can a universal bank go bankrupt ? An objective, rigorous and professional answer is built in three stages: credibility of the banks performed stress tests - assessment of prudential regulation to come - understanding the evolution of the banking business (...)


Opinion Valuation multiples for the S&P 500 remain near historic highs.

When it comes to valuing shares, the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is a bit like the baloney sandwich of equity valuation. Wall Street’s finest might all know about more elegant, sophisticated and nutritious alternatives.


Opinion Are french OAT overvalued ?

According to John Gilbert, CIO of the Berkshire Hathaway’s subsidiary General Re-New England AM, French 10-year bonds should yield between 4.5% and 5%, closer to Italian and Spanish bonds rather than German ones. However, This opinion is not shared by the majority of the (...)


Opinion On the uncertain future for money market funds

In the face of the low money market interest rates, returns offered by investments in money markets products have been declining steadily. While money market fund managers managed to turn in slightly positive performances in 2015, this could prove more daunting in (...)


Opinion Is South Africa the Next Currency Crisis?

2018 has been marked by various emerging market crises. From Turkey to Argentina, confidence has eroded, resulting in bond and currency chaos. There is a growing focus on South Africa, and our analysis suggests that will (...)


Opinion Hard time for sterling

According to Luc Luyet and Frederik Ducrozet, Asset Allocation & Macro Research, Pictet Wealth Management, the sharp drop of the sterling on Friday 7 October at the start of trading in Asia with the currency declining 6% in the course of twenty minutes was the climax of (...)


Opinion Euro to gain reserve status and expand in the coming years

According to Michael Story, economist at Western Asset, while some peripheral European countries will be unable to escape restructuring their debt, the euro is unlikely to collapse any time soon as a result, and should in the short to medium term strengthen its position as a (...)


Opinion How can Brexit impact HNWIs?

As Brexit’s uncertainty cascades to all aspects of the global economy, high net worth individuals (HNWIs) share with the nation a great deal of uncertainty, albeit of a slightly different variety.


Opinion Overview of Quantitative Finance in France

A short review of quantitative finance in France under the lens of the Next Finance website: Profile of quants, origins and outlook of the industry.


Opinion Anatomy of the European Banks Rout – AT1 bonds

European bank stocks have collapsed so far this year whilst their credit default swaps have risen rapidly. Surely the credit and equity markets are telling us something? – Europe’s nascent economic recovery is over? Negative rates are killing net interest margins? They don’t (...)


Opinion Anatomy of a dollar rally

In the era of Central Bank policy influence, we have become used to large shifts in the performance and trends of different currencies across time. For the better part of the past two years, the currency headlines have been dominated by a weakening US (...)


Opinion Psychology and smart beta

‘Smart beta’ sounds like an oxymoron. How smart can it be to continue using the same strategy in such fickle markets? A portfolio manager calling on all his skills (‘alpha’) in analysing market environments (the source of ‘beta’) should be able to outperform an unchanged (...)


Mory Doré’s column

Mory Doré’s views on monetary policy, asset allocation, financial management of banks and understanding of crises

Éclairages Économiques Notebook

The association Éclairages Économiques share with us analysis mostly relying on current research on various economics issues

Selection: Prospects

Strategy Social network: a new trading tool

The use of social networks in finance is no longer limited to communication, marketting or recruitment. Considered as relevant information databases, social networks are now included in news trading systems...

Regulation Regulatory outlook: 2011 and beyond

It is well documented that over the past two years the European and US Authorties have made numerous efforts to strengthen the regulatory and supervisory framework that apply to financial activities.

Note The SRI, does it transform itself when it applies to new asset classes ?

Apply the SRI outside the traditional securities (equities and corporate debt), is it not such a good idea, especially within the times and/or an irrelevant hegemonic order ?

Interview  Kaouther Jouaber «Islamic Finance should account for 1300 billion dollars by 2020»

According Kaouther Jouaber, several non Islamic institutions want to train their collaborators on Islamic Finance…

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