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June 26

Opinion China A-shares inclusion in MSCI indices to redefine emerging market investing

The MSCI approval of China A-shares inclusion in their benchmark Emerging Markets and ACWI indices is likely to redefine the way investors invest in emerging markets according to ETF Securities, one of the world’s leading, independent providers of Exchange Traded Products (...)


Brazil : Political risk is back


Brazil’s stockmarket and currency have fallen sharply on concerns about a new political crisis in Latin America’s largest economy


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February 22

Opinion Opportunities in Mexico despite Trump

I recently met with a number of companies in Mexico. Obviously it is a very topical time to be in that part of the world, given everything President Trump has said and done to shift the tone of the US’s relationship with its southern neighbour. I came away from the trip (...)

February 7

Strategy Emerging Markets: Another Year, Another Opportunity

Paul McNamara, investment director responsible for GAM’s emerging market strategies, looks ahead to 2017 and reflects that the likely drivers of EM local currency bond markets are the same ones that led to overall outperformance last (...)

January 16

Opinion Caution will be needed in emerging markets in 2017, waiting to find the right entry point

2016 has been a better year for emerging market returns after underperforming for many years. However it has been a volatile year and one has had to be an active manger, being selective, tactical and rotating between asset classes and currencies to maximize (...)

January 2

Note Frontier markets – the richly diverse path to yield

Credit Suisse Research Institute launches “The Next Frontier” report and the Credit Suisse Frontier Markets group of 30 countries, accounting for USD 3.7 trillion of economic output

December 2016

Opinion 2017 outlook: China equities

Charlie Awdry, China portfolio manager, shares his views on the prospects for Chinese stocks in 2017. He believes the focus on high quality growth companies exposed to long-term consumer trends and cyclical value stocks places his portfolios in good stead to deliver (...)

December 2016

Opinion Asian Dividend Income: cautiously optimistic in 2017

Michael Kerley and Sat Duhra, Co-Managers of the Henderson Asian Dividend Income Strategy, provide their outlook for 2017. While macro events will continue to dominate markets, Asia’s strong potential for dividend growth remains the key reason why investors should remain (...)

December 2016

Opinion Reasons to like emerging markets

Risks to EM equities and bonds have increased since the U.S. election, with the incoming Trump administration’s policies on trade uncertain. Yet a cyclical growth pick-up benefitting EMs outweighs these risks for now, we believe, and supports selectively investing in EM (...)

November 2016

Note India – the fundamental investment case

Bottlenecks’ that have hampered India’s development are easing. India is playing catch up, and is catching up fast. Election of Narendra Modi has rebooted stalled projects, sparked new reforms. India’s domestic economy and growing middle class are the key long-term (...)

October 2016

Strategy The right time to invest in emerging markets?

Complete reversal in emerging equity markets in 2016: the highly geared/cyclical/risky stocks that collapsed in 2015 skyrocketed in 2016. Where to go? In 2015, emerging markets have had stormy times. An unexpected devaluation of the Yuan, the collapse of numerous emerging (...)

October 2016

People Moves Jupiter appoints Alejandro Arevalo to build emerging market debt strategy

Alejandro, who has more than 18 years’ experience of investing in emerging markets, will join Jupiter as a fund manager later this year from Pioneer Investments, where he has worked for four years as an emerging markets corporate debt portfolio (...)

October 2016

Strategy Emerging Market Debt – Stronger for Longer

Interest in emerging market (EM) assets is returning. With yields in developed bond markets almost non-existent, emerging debt looks particularly attractive. Paul McNamara, investment director for emerging market debt at GAM, explains why he still sees plenty of upside, (...)

September 2016

Strategy Emerging Markets: Is now the right time?

After years of difficulties and underperformance, emerging market (EM) assets have the makings of a potential turn-round. Here I explain our strategists’ long-term positive view on EM currencies and bonds, using our investment strategy process focusing on the three aspects of (...)

July 2016

Strategy Results and Prospects in Emerging Markets

Glen Finegan, Head of Emerging Market Equities, provides a detailed update on the Henderson Emerging Markets Strategy, covering recent market drivers, performance and activity, and his outlook for the asset class.

July 2016

Opinion EM and the UK referendum

GAM Investment Director Paul McNamara looks at the impact of Britian’s surprise ‘leave’ vote on emerging market debt. In his view EM fundamentals have improved materially over the past three years, and a turn in the credit cycle could cause EM growth to pick up by the end of (...)

May 2016

Opinion Asia’s new middle class gets mobile

“China’s huge, new and affluent middle class have broadened their horizons. Getting access to the best healthcare, education and tourist destinations is at the top of their priority list and they are keener than ever to travel overseas to find them.” Jason Pidcock, manager of (...)

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Note Signs of global liquidity tightening for emerging markets

Global liquidity conditions may have begun to tighten for emerging market economies (EMEs), according to updated data from the Bank for International Settlements. BIS General Manager Jaime Caruana detailed highlights from the latest global liquidity indicators, a measure of (...)


News Online retail sites, Jumia and Zando receive funding from J.P. Morgan Asset Management

The investor will take a stake through a German holding company in an all cash-for-equity investment...


Note The impact of commodity prices on Emerging Markets

In the report, Nomura’s researchers highlight five channels through which emerging market economies are affected by lower commodity prices: Merchandise trade, CPI inflation, profit margins, fiscal positions, and GDP growth to assess the winners and losers in the Emerging (...)


Opinion Fitch: China Policy Shift Prioritises Growth Over Debt Problem

Chinese government directives last week concerning local government debt signal a potentially significant policy shift to prioritise growth over managing the country’s debt problem, says Fitch Ratings.


Opinion Don’t cry for Argentina

In accordance with the Right Upon Future Offers or RUFO clause (similar to a conventional clause requiring creditors to be treated pari passu) contained in the 2005 agreement on the restructuring of the debt of the exchange bondholders (preventing Argentina from making more (...)


Innovation TOBAM launches the Anti-Benchmark Emerging Markets Equity Fund

The Fund aims to outperform the emerging markets equity cap-weighted benchmark by 4-6%per annum over a market cycle, while at the same time delivering significantlyless volatility (typically 30%).


Opinion Stuck between Europe and China

For investors in emerging markets, the positive dynamics in China, on the one hand, and the malaise in Europe, on the other, are causing perplexity.


Opinion « Surprising Russia »

Based on the experiences of recent years, there are few stock markets that are more risky than Russia’s. After the Brazilian and South African market, the Russian market has been the most sensitive to increasing risk aversion among investors since the market correction of (...)


Note Frontier markets – the richly diverse path to yield

Credit Suisse Research Institute launches “The Next Frontier” report and the Credit Suisse Frontier Markets group of 30 countries, accounting for USD 3.7 trillion of economic output


Opinion Emerging market bonds still looking good

In light of the difficult circumstances surrounding the equity markets, investors are hunting around for alternatives. Unfortunately, savings-book interest rates are limited, as are the returns from safe developed-country government (...)


Opinion China is becoming middle aged, so it’s slowing down a bit

In some ways, the rise of China has been too good to be true. Its economy has grown with breakneck speed for decades (an average of 9.1% a year since 1994, with a lowest rate of 6%) – if we can believe the official (...)


Opinion Indian interest rates may likely to fall soon

With disinflationary pressures building in India, it may only be a matter of time before interest rates start to fall materially.


Strategy Corporate Bonds – Ideal for Emerging Markets diversification

With sovereign ceilings rising, corporate governance and overall transparency improving, demand and liquidity high and returns attractive relative to risk, what’s not to like about Emerging Markets corporate bonds?


News Nomura Asset Management launches in Middle East

Japanese fund manager Nomura Asset Management (NAM) has launched an office in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) as part of its ongoing commitment to the Middle East.


Strategy Frontier markets: what’s in a name?

When considered on their own merits, and approached with the same care and due-diligence as any other emerging market investment, frontier markets can provide valuable diversification potential, says Franklin Adatsi, member of the Global Emerging Markets team at Jupiter (...)


Strategy Africa, the emerging market story of the next decade ?

According to Mark Mobius, Africa could represent a tremendous opportunity for investors in the next few years. The continent is well known for its wealth of natural resources, much of it barely developed, which includes oil and gas and a variety of metals and minerals, as (...)

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