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September 14

Note Active Managers Enjoyed Improved Performance In Q2 According To New Study By Lyxor

Lyxor Asset Management’s latest study into active manager performance shows 55% of them beat their benchmarks in the second quarter of 2017. That’s a significant improvement on results at the end of last year, when only 28% outperformed, and above the 52% of (...)


State Street Study Reveals Asset Owners’ Increasing Appetite for Illiquid Assets is Driving Interest in Co-Investment


Private Capital Fund Managers Raise Fee Rates in 2017


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July 26

Note Buyout Pricing Dislocation Creates Market Opportunity

CEPRES released research this week showing recently the US buyout market is driven by revenue growth, whereas Europe is driven rather by operating income. The research used the CEPRES PE.Analyzer investment decision platform to analyze over $12 trillion of PE transactions (...)

July 25

Note Global acquirers significantly underperform World Index in the second quarter

Europe M&A activity bucks trend as market volatility and economic uncertainty depress performance in North America and Asia

July 17

Note Listed infrastructure is #fake_infra

EDHEC Infrastructure Institute-Singapore (EDHECinfra) shows that the booming listed infrastructure sector is based on a “fallacy of composition.” Listed infrastructure equity offers zero diversification benefits and is not an asset (...)

June 19

Note ESG may entice investors to save more – Natixis Global Asset Management

The rising importance placed on environmental, social and governance investing may be the key driver in getting more individual investors, across generations, to invest more or even start planning for retirement, suggests new findings from Natixis Global Asset Management’s (...)

June 14

Note BofA Merrill Lynch June Fund Manager Survey finds record number of investors consider equities overvalued

According to BofA Merrill Lynch June Fund Manager Survey, net 84% of respondents indicate the US is the most overvalued region for equities, a new all-time high; investors find European equities (net 18%) and EM equities (net 48%) to be (...)

June 6

Note EDHEC-Risk Institute shows how goal-based investing can help investors meet retirement needs

EDHEC-Risk Institute study shows that goal-based investing principles can be used to design scalable retirement investment strategies that meet individual investors’ needs

May 17

Note BofA Merrill Lynch May Fund Manager Survey finds investors are bullish; macro expectations of high growth and low inflation at record high

China replaces European disintegration as the most commonly cited tail risk for the first time since January 2016, with 31% of global fund managers citing Chinese credit tightening as the biggest risk in the market

May 16

Note The Robo Report™, First And Only Report On Robo Advisor Performance And Portfolios, Published By BackenDBenchmarking Now Available

Schwab Falls Off Leaderboard on Equity and Fixed Income, Vanguard Improves Equity; International and Emerging Markets Lead the Way For Performance in Q1 Report

April 20

Note BofA Merrill Lynch April Fund Manager Survey finds investors turning to Eurozone stocks from U.S. equities

Investors are turning to Eurozone stocks from U.S. equities, the fifth largest rotation since 1999, despite the coming French election. Allocation to Eurozone equities rises to 15-month highs (net 48% overweight)...

April 20

Note M&A in Asia shows signs of maturity

The number of Asian M&A deals completed in the first quarter of 2017 is the highest number deals in recent history according to Willis Towers Watson’s Quarterly Deal Performance Monitor (QDPM). Asian acquirers completed 80 deals in Q1 compared to 62 the same quarter in (...)

April 7

Note Central banks face common challenges in providing liquidity assistance - report

A new report sets out principles for central banks to consider when providing liquidity assistance in times of stress, especially to large global institutions with operations that reach beyond national borders.

April 5

Note CFA Institute Study Reveals Leaders Must Transform if Investment Industry is to Thrive

The Future State of the Investment Profession study released today by CFA Institute describes an industry at an existential crossroads. It warns that investment industry leaders who fail to transform their business models may jeopardize the future of their (...)

March 23

Note BofA Merrill Lynch March Fund Manager Survey finds investors in a bullish holding pattern

A record number of investors (net 34%) find equities to be overvalued, the most in 17 years; the US is identified as the most overvalued region (net 81%), while EM equities (net 44%) and Eurozone equities (net 23%) are seen as (...)

March 22

Note Private Debt Industry Assets Approach $600bn

The private debt industry has continued to grow in recent years, and as of the end of H1 2016 reached a record $595bn in assets under management. Launched today, the 2017 Preqin Global Private Debt Report finds that both the level of capital available to fund managers (‘dry (...)

March 16

Note Institutional investors embrace risk in pursuit of better returns and yield, finds Natixis Global Asset Management Survey

Key strategies include growing use of private investments, illiquid assets, increased exposure to alternatives and greater reliance on risk budgeting and diversification...

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Note Global Pension Assets Study 2017

The 2017 Global Pension Assets Study covers 22 major pension markets (the P22), which total USD 36,435 billion in pension assets and account for 62.0% of the GDP of these economies. China, Finland and Italy were added to this year’s study. A deeper analysis was performed for (...)


Note On the impact of Brexit on sterling

As yet, sterling appears not to have reacted to the looming referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union. Over the short to medium term, however, the currency should end up reacting negatively, so great is the fallout for the British economy. In (...)


Note Financial markets and self-fulfilling prophecies

This phenomenon is equivalent to the change from a brutal economic and financial equilibrium to another, not because the fundamentals of the macroeconomic environment would justify it, but because there was a change for good or bad reasons of market (...)


Note The impact of Solvency 2 on insurers asset allocation

Implications for asset allocation? Incitement to diversification? Optimization of the volatility hedging ratio ? Allocation depending on the level of wealth of the insurance company? Groupama AM updates on the impact of Solvency 2 for (...)


Note The true nature of the derivative contract on French debt

The multiplication of misinterpretations related to the launch of the derivative contract on French debt leads to an apolitical analysis produced by a market professional to avoid amalgam and populism: This is a simple and useful contract, which was traded in the past in (...)


Note The Robo Report™, First And Only Report On Robo Advisor Performance And Portfolios, Published By BackenDBenchmarking Now Available

Schwab Falls Off Leaderboard on Equity and Fixed Income, Vanguard Improves Equity; International and Emerging Markets Lead the Way For Performance in Q1 Report


Note Strengths and weaknesses of France as an alternative management financial centre

According to a study conducted by Reinhold & Partners, despite recognised human and technical resources, French alternative asset management, for reasons specific to the French market, and because it is suffering from a lack of image, has not developed as (...)


Note How can funds with past sustainable returns collapse in a few months?

Are these abrupt changes only an indication of the risks of the market, or is it investment behaviour which favours the occurance of these extreme risks ? These are the question tackled in the last « White Paper » of (...)


Note Risk evaluation and multifractal Var

The use of «multifractal processes» for risk calculation in finance allows us to use the concept of «scale invariance» and its implications developed in fluid mechanics…


Note Golden parachutes: as their importance to CEOs increases, shareholders lose out in takeovers

A 10 per cent increase in the importance of the parachute relative to the merger pay package is linked to a five per cent fall in acquisition premium


Note Quality shines through as M&A deal volumes fall globally

The latest Quarterly Deal Performance Monitor (QDPM) from Willis Towers Watson suggests a significant slowing of deal volumes in the fourth quarter of the year, however, those that did close were high performing and showed an outperformance of 0.4pp over the index*. On an (...)


Note “There is no listed infrastructure asset class” : New EDHECinfra study finds no diversification benefits from 22 different proxies of listed infrastructure equity

EDHEC Infrastructure Institute-Singapore (EDHECinfra) has released a new paper entitled “Searching for a Listed Infrastructure Asset Class” establishing that listed infrastructure securities cannot be considered a unique asset (...)


Note Hedge funds, a solution for struggling public pension plans ?

It is the conclusion of a paper entitled «The Changing Role of Hedge Funds in the Global Economy » written by Dr. Everett Ehrlich. He would expect more state and local governments will make them part of the solution moving (...)


Note World’s largest institutional investors expecting more asset allocation changes over next two years than in the past

Institutional investors worldwide are expecting to make more asset allocation changes in the next one to two years than in 2012 and 2014, according to the new Fidelity® Global Institutional Investor Survey.


Note BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey Finds Investors Exuberantly Bullish on Europe After Promise of ECB Action

Global investors are significantly more positive on the outlook for Europe after the European Central Bank’s announcement of quantitative easing to reflate the region’s economy, according to the BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey for (...)


Note EURO STOXX 50® Index implied repo trading at Eurex

This research paper focuses on the inseparable relationship between implied repo rates and equity index total return swaps. Written by Stuart Heath, Director Equity & Index R&D at Eurex, it covers the various aspects and calculations of both repo rates and the (...)


France’s debt

Outlook, strategies and investment vehicles on France’s debt

Recherche Quantitative

Recherche Quantitative : Quels sont les thèmes qui occupent dorénavant les Quants au sein des salles de marchés et des sociétés de gestion ?

Selection: Products

Kiosk Alternatives to financial markets investments

The financial investment is not limited to financial markets assets and the current uncertainties obviously feed such thoughts. Indeed, there are many investment vehicles that could create value in a portfolio.

Product Inflation linked bonds’ mechanism

Inflation linked bonds are bonds whose principal is linked to inflation which allows their holders to protected against inflation as opposed to traditional bonds.

Product Back to the future, may 2011: Nobles Crus and Earth Element Fund

Yesterday they were introduced as innovatives products. Today, How far have they got and what are the prospects for tomorrow ? Two products in the spotlight this month: Nobles Crus or the blend of passion for wine and financial investment, and a quantitative systematic (...)

Regulation Solvency II: Advantage convertible bonds

The results of QIS 5 confirmed that convertible bonds bear low capital cost. A balanced-profile convertible bond portfolio with optimized convexity therefore obtains a moderate intrinsic SCR whilst benefiting from «equity» (...)

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