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November 28

Note US dividend growth slows to post-crisis low

Global dividends fell to $281.7bn in the third quarter, down 4.0% year-on-year, according to the Henderson Global Dividend Index. Lower US special dividends made a significant impact to the headline rate, but underlying US dividend growth has also (...)


EDHEC-Risk Institute suggests a new dynamic approach for measuring the market exposures of stock portfolios


SimCorp Survey Reveals Optimism Among Investment Managers About Own Growth Prospects


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November 4

Note World’s largest fund managers see first decline in assets since 2011

Assets managed by the world’s largest 500 asset managers fell in 2015 for the first time since 2011, according to the Pensions & Investments / Willis Towers Watson World 500 research. Total assets under management (AUM) were down 1.7% to US$ 76.7 trillion at the end of (...)

November 3

Note India – the fundamental investment case

Bottlenecks’ that have hampered India’s development are easing. India is playing catch up, and is catching up fast. Election of Narendra Modi has rebooted stalled projects, sparked new reforms. India’s domestic economy and growing middle class are the key long-term (...)

October 24

Note BofA Merrill Lynch October Fund Manager Survey shows global investor risk-aversion growing as cash allocations increase to near-15-year highs

Cash levels jumped from 5.5% in September to 5.8% this month. Investors’ average cash balance was last this high in July 2016 (post-Brexit vote) and in Fall 2001.

October 19

Note A growing interest from investors in Smart Beta ETFs with more requirements and challenges to address

In a survey of investment professionals conducted as part of the Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta research chair at EDHEC-Risk Institute on “ETF and Passive Investment Strategies”, EDHEC-Risk Institute has solicited the specific views of 180 European ETF investors on (...)

October 3

Note 84 % of French advisers warn that investors may not be fully aware of the risks associated with passive investments

85% say they need a more accurate picture of their clients’ risk tolerance. It’s not volatility that worries advisors the most, it’s how their clients react to it. Ensuring investors set tangible goals and have realistic expectations remains a major (...)

October 3

Note Europe M&A activity picks up pace, while US market shows signs of a flight to quality

The North American market, while still accounting for almost 50% of the global total has decreased 15% since last year, in deal volume terms, on a year-to-date (YTD) basis.

September 26

Note Investors Increase Pressure on Hedge Funds to Lower Fees

The latest research from Preqin on hedge fund fees finds that lower recent performance, high-profile redemptions and increased concern from investors on the issue of fees have influenced many hedge fund managers to bring their management and performance charges below the 2 (...)

September 16

Note Lyxor research highlights the growing role of Smart Beta in new investment strategies

Lyxor Asset Management today unveils the results of a new wide-ranging study that compares the performance of European domiciled active funds with that of their benchmarks. The research highlights the growing importance of risk factors and other Smart Beta strategies in (...)

September 6

Note The world’s 300 largest pension funds – year ended 2015

Total assets of the world’s largest 300 pension funds fell by over 3% in 2015 (compared to growth of over 3% in 2014) to a sum of US$14.8 trillion according to Pensions & Investments and Willis Towers Watson (...)

July 26

Note Alternatives managers split on the benefits of ESG, finds Unigestion

Unigestion, the boutique asset manager with scale that focuses on guiding its clients with risk-managed investment solutions, has again surveyed the hedge fund and private equity managers it invests in to track their attitudes to (...)

July 13

Note Investors go alternative

The research - which includes data on a diverse range of institutional investor types - shows that pension fund assets represent a third (34%) of the top 100 alternative managers’ assets, followed by wealth managers (19%), insurance companies (10%), sovereign wealth funds (...)

July 8

Note Investors and Fund Managers Gauge Brexit Impact

Many fund managers expect performance and investment decisions to be affected, while institutional investors expect to commit less to the UK

July 7

Note “There is no listed infrastructure asset class” : New EDHECinfra study finds no diversification benefits from 22 different proxies of listed infrastructure equity

EDHEC Infrastructure Institute-Singapore (EDHECinfra) has released a new paper entitled “Searching for a Listed Infrastructure Asset Class” establishing that listed infrastructure securities cannot be considered a unique asset (...)

June 14

Note Robos helping to save the future

Barclays hosted its fifth annual UK Savings Conference on 8th June 2016, and the key takeaway was that Robo-Advice would have a significant role to play in closing the advice gap, but is akin to the rise of internet banking in the early (...)

June 1

Note From driverless cars to an improved approach to measuring credit risk in

EDHEC Infrastructure Institute-Singapore (EDHECinfra) has released a new paper entitled “Cash Flow Dynamics of Private Infrastructure Project Debt”, drawn from the EDHEC-NATIXIS Research Chair on private infrastructure debt (...)

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Note Retirement – The French paradox: savers choose very safe investments while harboring grand hopes as regards revenue and capital appreciation

Natixis Global Asset Management today published the results of its 1st annual survey of French individual investors with financial assets of between €75,000 and €300,000 held in banks. This survey of 984 clients of French banks was conducted in July (...)


Note Financial markets and self-fulfilling prophecies

This phenomenon is equivalent to the change from a brutal economic and financial equilibrium to another, not because the fundamentals of the macroeconomic environment would justify it, but because there was a change for good or bad reasons of market (...)


Note On the impact of Brexit on sterling

As yet, sterling appears not to have reacted to the looming referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union. Over the short to medium term, however, the currency should end up reacting negatively, so great is the fallout for the British economy. In (...)


Note Investors Increase Pressure on Hedge Funds to Lower Fees

The latest research from Preqin on hedge fund fees finds that lower recent performance, high-profile redemptions and increased concern from investors on the issue of fees have influenced many hedge fund managers to bring their management and performance charges below the 2 (...)


Note Strengths and weaknesses of France as an alternative management financial centre

According to a study conducted by Reinhold & Partners, despite recognised human and technical resources, French alternative asset management, for reasons specific to the French market, and because it is suffering from a lack of image, has not developed as (...)


Note The impact of Solvency 2 on insurers asset allocation

Implications for asset allocation? Incitement to diversification? Optimization of the volatility hedging ratio ? Allocation depending on the level of wealth of the insurance company? Groupama AM updates on the impact of Solvency 2 for (...)


Note German Wealth Managers Will Lose Market Share to Robo-Advisors over Next Two Years, says Verdict Financial

Over 86% of German wealth managers working with high net worth (HNW) individuals believe that they will lose market share to automated investment services over the next two years, according to financial services research and insight firm Verdict (...)


Note The possible misdiagnosis of a crisis

According to a publication of Prof. Richard Roll in the Financial Analyst Journal, most explanations of the 2007–08 financial crisis are inconsistent with elementary principles of finance. The article explains the inconsistencies and suggests an alternative diagnosis that is (...)


Note Management of government debt by the French Treasury agency (AFT)

The Court of Auditors has conducted a survey on the management of government debt by the AFT. The report, released at the beginning of the summer, lightens the honorable work done by the AFT in managing relatively well the government debt but regrets a relative dependence on (...)


Note EDHEC-Risk’s annual European ETF Survey highlights ETF investors’ positive outlook

EDHEC-Risk Institute has announced the results of the EDHEC European ETF Survey 2013, a comprehensive survey of 207 European ETF investors. The survey was conducted as part of the Amundi ETF & Indexing research chair at EDHEC-Risk Institute on “Core-Satellite and ETF (...)


Note The factors that determine the carbon price: an econometric analysis

Emission allowances are both physical and financial assets. As for any asset, it then becomes possible to study the potential gap between the value observed on the market and the value dictated by fundamentals…


Note Institutional investors under pressure to balance short-term market moves and long-term mandates, finds Natixis Global Asset Management

According to Natixis Global Asset Management, while institutional investors are optimistic about equities in 2015, their outlook is tempered by market risks beyond their control and unknown liability risks ahead, particularly those linked to increased (...)


Note Alpha generation: skill or chance?

What about performances of active management versus passive management ? According to a study released by Olivier Scaillet and Gilles Criton, nearly 20% of alternative fund managers beat the market, against only 0,6% of traditional (...)


Note Strategic Rethinking Needed for European Asset Managers

In a new report, Fitch Ratings says that European asset managers need to strategically review their product offerings and re-shape their activities by strengthening their key areas of expertise, scaling down or outsourcing others areas, and expanding in neighbouring (...)


Note BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey Finds Continued Growth Optimism for 2014 Even With Higher Rates

Investor confidence in global economic growth remains high even as expectations of higher short-term rates increase, according to the BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey for April.


Note Building Minimum Variance Portfolios with low risk, low drawdowns and strong returns

This paper provides an introduction to the STOXX Minimum Variance Indices and aims to achieve three things : i) an overview of minimum variance investing ii) the methodology for the construction and maintenance of the STOXX Minimum Variance Indices, highlighting the unique (...)


France’s debt

Outlook, strategies and investment vehicles on France’s debt

Recherche Quantitative

Recherche Quantitative : Quels sont les thèmes qui occupent dorénavant les Quants au sein des salles de marchés et des sociétés de gestion ?

Selection: Products

Kiosk Alternatives to financial markets investments

The financial investment is not limited to financial markets assets and the current uncertainties obviously feed such thoughts. Indeed, there are many investment vehicles that could create value in a portfolio.

Product Inflation linked bonds’ mechanism

Inflation linked bonds are bonds whose principal is linked to inflation which allows their holders to protected against inflation as opposed to traditional bonds.

Product Back to the future, may 2011: Nobles Crus and Earth Element Fund

Yesterday they were introduced as innovatives products. Today, How far have they got and what are the prospects for tomorrow ? Two products in the spotlight this month: Nobles Crus or the blend of passion for wine and financial investment, and a quantitative systematic (...)

Regulation Solvency II: Advantage convertible bonds

The results of QIS 5 confirmed that convertible bonds bear low capital cost. A balanced-profile convertible bond portfolio with optimized convexity therefore obtains a moderate intrinsic SCR whilst benefiting from «equity» (...)

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