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November 29

Strategy “Diversified Equity Factor Investing” combines four complementary factors that are loosely correlated with one another

Based on factor investment, this innovative approach capitalises on the attractive performances thus far of smart beta strategies. It is based on the combination, within the same portfolio, of four complementary factors that are loosely correlated with one another: Quality, (...)


Should European markets be back on the menu?


Trumpflation : what now for investors?


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November 3

Strategy Protecting From the Crash With Private Infrastructure Assets

CEPRES today released an analysis demonstrating how Private (unlisted) Infrastructure can act as a Hedge for Corporate Bonds, whilst significantly outperforming on returns. Using PE.Analyzer to analyze thousands of privately held Infrastructure assets, CEPRES found (...)

October 26

Strategy CTAs Shave Off Bond Exposures As Treasury Yields Rise

Fixed income markets have faced some pressures lately, as investors fret about less accommodative monetary conditions going forward. In addition, higher energy prices have fuelled bond yields, as both OPEC members and (...)

October 24

Strategy Opportunities in a low-return landscape

According to Richard Turnill, BlackRock’s Global Chief Investment Strategist, we live in a world of low prospective returns, as reflected in our latest five-year return outlook. We have lowered our return assumptions across most asset classes due to increased valuations, but (...)

October 20

Strategy The right time to invest in emerging markets?

Complete reversal in emerging equity markets in 2016: the highly geared/cyclical/risky stocks that collapsed in 2015 skyrocketed in 2016. Where to go? In 2015, emerging markets have had stormy times. An unexpected devaluation of the Yuan, the collapse of numerous emerging (...)

October 17

Strategy Emerging Market Debt – Stronger for Longer

Interest in emerging market (EM) assets is returning. With yields in developed bond markets almost non-existent, emerging debt looks particularly attractive. Paul McNamara, investment director for emerging market debt at GAM, explains why he still sees plenty of upside, (...)

September 19

Strategy Asset Allocation : remain OW High Yield, turn neutral equities and short US Treasuries

The post-ECB correction observed since last Friday confirms our view described in August and again last week in our latest Asset Allocation monthly publication: after a historically calm summer, September is likely to be a month of transition towards more (...)

September 13

Strategy Who is buying US equities ?

While the S&P 500 continues to brush up against its all-time highs and valuations remain relatively rich, we consider below the profile of US equity investors in light of the different sources of information that are available. First, note that the excess demand is not (...)

September 12

Strategy Climate change : a challenge for equities ?

According to Anne-Claire Abadie, Portfolio Manager - SRI, Allianz Global Investors, Climate change is a reality we can no longer ignore. In the wake of the COP21 held in Paris last year, assets owners and investors are now wondering about the possible impact of this new (...)

September 12

Strategy Emerging Markets: Is now the right time?

After years of difficulties and underperformance, emerging market (EM) assets have the makings of a potential turn-round. Here I explain our strategists’ long-term positive view on EM currencies and bonds, using our investment strategy process focusing on the three aspects of (...)

September 5

Strategy Fixed Income : The Risk of Safety

The near-record lows now prevailing for sovereign bond yields reflect persistent anxiety about the outlook for growth around the world. Yet the global economy continues to expand — and inflation remains muted in the world’s largest economies. As a result, U.S. Treasuries — (...)

August 29

Strategy Who is still bullish on equities?

After a glorious and rather calm summer, characterised by a broad-based rally by risky assets, range trading by govies and declines in risk perception and volatility, which we examined last week, we now propose to run through the exposure of the main categories of (...)

August 24

Strategy Beware... as risk perception is at a low ebb

While US equity markets are setting new all-time highs and inflows into emerging markets are picking up, spurred by the global improvement in the macroeconomic news flow, the Natixis risk perception index (RPI), covered at regular intervals in our publications, has declined (...)

July 22

Strategy Why we are taking our equity overweight to neutral for first time in five years

Mark Burgess, CIO EMEA and Global Head of equities at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, discusses the market reaction post Brexit, the impact of central bank actions and why Columbia has decided to reduce its equity exposure from overweight to neutral in asset allocation (...)

July 21

Strategy Alternative risk premia weathering Brexit storm well

Pierre-Yves Moix, co-manager of the Alternative Risk Premia strategy at GAM, comments on how the growing alternative risk premia industry has delivered strong performance in the uncertain Brexit environment – proving once again its strong diversification and market neutral (...)

July 20

Strategy A Rising Tide Lifts Most Boats

The broad-based market upswing in the first half of July has benefitted risk assets globally. That follows the release of better than expected economic data in the US and China, suggesting that fears over the strength of the global recovery have been (...)

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Strategy Protecting From the Crash With Private Infrastructure Assets

CEPRES today released an analysis demonstrating how Private (unlisted) Infrastructure can act as a Hedge for Corporate Bonds, whilst significantly outperforming on returns. Using PE.Analyzer to analyze thousands of privately held Infrastructure assets, CEPRES found (...)


Strategy Is Low Volatility investing overcrowded?

One may reasonably argue that the recent flows into the Low Volatility strategies might affect their future performance because of the flow pressure on the prices of the companies that generally are selected by this investment approach. More recently, some market (...)


Strategy Forex, a value added in an allocation between real and financial assets

The foreign exchange market (Forex) is not an extra asset class but all asset classes together in the same market. It can be a real source of diversification and performance subject to a systematic, disciplined and rigorous (...)


Strategy ECB full QE

According to Jean François Robin, Analyst at Natixis, Considering that a EUR 500bn asset purchase programme was anticipated, one can expect a bull flattening and convergence trades (search for liquidity plus pooling, albeit partial) to predominate, while euro looks set to (...)


Strategy UK’s Brexit vote to have wide repercussions, leads to change in economic and market scenarios

Results from the UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union (EU) indicate that voters have decided the UK should leave the EU. This result is likely to have wide political, economic and financial market repercussions, leading us to alter our economic and market (...)


Strategy CTAs Shave Off Bond Exposures As Treasury Yields Rise

Fixed income markets have faced some pressures lately, as investors fret about less accommodative monetary conditions going forward. In addition, higher energy prices have fuelled bond yields, as both OPEC members and (...)


Strategy Subordinated debt – worth a look for yield-starved investors

Bonds yield little, while equities are not particularly cheap. Against that unappealing backdrop, looking beyond the beaten track for alternatives may prove rewarding. Anthony Smouha, CEO of Geneva-based Atlanticomnium, explains why he believes that junior debt could be an (...)


Strategy Gregory Guerrand : " Our Low Carbon 100 Europe Theam Easy UCITS ETF is a solution for investors who want to decarbonise their portfolio "

Gregory Guerrand, a specialist in index investments at THEAM, has agreed to answer a few questions about the Low Carbon 100 Europe Theam Easy UCITS exchange-traded fund (ETF).


Strategy High 5 : Five stocks giving Jupiter’s Cédric de Fonclare reason to cheer

Cédric de Fonclare, manager of the Jupiter European Opportunities SICAV fund explains why Johnson Matthey, Nokia, Tenaris, Pandora and Ryanair can currently be found in his portfolio.


Strategy Africa: A continent of opportunities

As global demand for commodities continues to grow, we believe Africa is in an enviable position with its vast resources, not only minerals but also food—60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land is in Africa...


Strategy Managed futures strategies

This type of strategy is based on a simple idea: try to take advantage of an exposure on futures contracts («Futures») with the underlying being a financial instruments or a commodity ...


Strategy Natixis Asset Management’s outlook and investment strategies: where to get value in 2016?

Natixis Asset Management foresees growth picking up in the euro zone, aided by an everaccommodating ECB, even if global growth should remain moderate again this year...


Strategy BlackRock: Insurers Face Fixed Income Dilemma

Insurers are likely to re-examine their allocations to fixed income assets in 2013 as continued low interest rates challenge business models and profitability, according to BlackRock’s global insurance industry outlook, “2013: The Year (...)


Strategy Negative real rates likely to be a lasting feature in the Eurozone

According to René Defossez, Strategist at Natixis, it seems reasonable to assume that, to begin with, the European Central Bank will endeavour to keep the 10-year nominal swap as low as possible, which means that the breakeven swap will remain deep in negative territory. (...)


Strategy The hunt for yield: Eastern Europe

With yields on government bonds currently at near-zero levels in developed markets, income-hungry investors might be more willing to consider alternative ways to diversify their income stream, says Colin Croft, manager of the Jupiter Emerging European Opportunities (...)


Strategy No news is good news for markets

The old phrase that ‘no news is good news’ has been working its magic in the markets lately – but it may be the calm before the storm, says Robeco’s Lukas Daalder.


Hidden assets

Learn about hidden assets (volatility, correlation,...) and related strategies

Multi-asset funds

Special Focus on Multi-asset funds: Prevent structural asset allocation biases to improve responsiveness, Allocation strategy for 2015, Multi-Asset Funds Face Investors Scrutiny on Flexibility…

Smart Beta

Special focus on Smart Beta & Factor Investing : Diversified Equity Factor Investing | Smart Beta positionning and outlook within current asset management framework | Risk factor investing | Growing interest from investors in Smart Beta ETFs (...)

Strategies on dividend derivatives

Dividends : New strategies - Analysis, investment perspectives and strategies on dividend derivatives....

Alternative Risk Premia

Alternative Risk Premia: Alternative Risk Premia strategies | Using Risk Premia for a true diversified portfolio | Investors Increase Pressure on Hedge Funds to Lower Fees | Combining différent styles for risk premia (...)


Infrastructure : A Growing asset class | The role of pension funds | Energy infrastructure | The MLP example | Accessing the US Energy Infrastructure with MLP ETFs....

ETF & Index Management

ETF & Index Management: ETF Liquidity, Measuring Performance of ETF, ETF Marketplace, Top 10 Providers...


China : Invest in domestic chinese stocks with ETFS-E Fund MSCI China A GO UCITS | Chinese domestic equities could benefit from more economic stimulus| Li Kequiang’s Chinese growth indicator …

Gestion Obligataire

Gestion Obligataire : Quelle allocation d’actifs obligataires ? | Rallonger la maturité des investissements | La recherche de rendement, un exercice de plus en plus difficile | Investir en volatilité sur les obligations américaines | Déclin de la liquidité du crédit | Rendements (...)

Gestion Action

Gestion Action – Comment investir dans les actions thématiques ? Small Caps, Growth, Value, Momentum, High Dividend, Equity Europe Income Defensive... Quel style de gestion pour quel rendement/risque ? La bulle sur les stratégies à faible volatilité est-elle en train d’éclater (...)


l’actualité et les stratégies sur le marché du change

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