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September 14

Strategy Concentrated long-short investing to achieve absolute return

According to Amit Kumar and Ashish Kochar, US Equity Portfolio Manager at Columbia Threadneedle Investment, investor caution on market outlook places increased focus on generating alpha. Long-short equity portfolios have the potential to generate greater alpha as individual (...)


Time to Protect your Gains


Five reasons to hold technology stocks


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July 27

Strategy Tim Albrecht and DWS Deutschland: celebrating 15 years of success

It has been 15 years since Tim Albrecht assumed responsibility for the DWS Deutschland fund. In July 2002, the volume of the equity fund, which had been badly battered by the tech bubble, stood at a mere 200 million euros. Today, investors entrust seven billion euros to the (...)

July 20

Strategy Anne Le Borgne : “Our international equity thematic fund, Amundi Funds CPR Global Lifestyles aims to tap into the boom in multi-generational well-being.”

Well-being and self-actualisation are structural societal trends whose growth potential CPR AM, a well-regarded thematic manager, wants to tap into.

July 7

Strategy Swiss Re among first in the re/insurance industry to integrate ESG benchmarks into its investment decisions

Swiss Re announced that it has already consistently integrated ESG considerations into its investment process since the start of 2017.

June 19

Strategy Don’t give up on duration

With interest rates likely to remain low for the foreseeable future, investors continue to face the dilemma of how to achieve a good level of income while carefully managing their risk exposure.

May 29

Strategy Should we still play reflation trades?

Since Donald Trump was elected, investors have gradually been reassured on their fears on deflation, growth in emerging markets, and uncertainties on the euro area, which had dented appetite for risk between end-October 2015 and mid-February 2016. They therefore played the (...)

May 18

Strategy Industry 4.0: The new industrial revolution is under way

Data, digitalisation and connectivity of means of production have led to considerable advances in industry in recent years. on top of productivity gains and shifts in production modes, this trend is disruptive in the way in which it will completely alter some sectors of (...)

May 5

Strategy How can we extract value from bond markets?

According to Pascal Gilbert, Head of Fixed Income, La Française, Bond markets are facing historically low yields, and this ongoing situation leaves, in theory, little room for a further appreciation in bond prices.

April 27

Strategy Low volatility, the hidden factor

Robert Haugen, who discovered the low-volatility anomaly in 1972, wrote numerous articles and books to try to popularise what he called the ‘hidden factor’. To some extent, it was only the advent of smart beta investment strategies that turned his dream into reality, as low (...)

April 25

Strategy Momentum, the unloved factor

Momentum is unloved: being a good follower is rarely seen as a strength, and few asset managers would brag about using momentum as an investment factor, even though they know that ‘the trend is your friend’. Part of this unpopularity comes from the fact that momentum is a (...)

April 21

Strategy CPR Invest - Global disruptive opportunities, disruptive forces at work for healthcare

Interaction between conventional medical research and the high tech industry has led to considerable progress in healthcare in recent years. faster and more effective treatments are in this way able to reduce costs.

April 20

Strategy Quality, the positive factor

Quality is positive: it is about good companies that are efficient at managing their businesses profitably, creating shareholder value and being rewarded with above average returns. Yet, quality is not always easy to recognise or measure. Here are a few pointers for avoiding (...)

April 19

Strategy Trade war risk fades, for now

We see a reduced near-term risk of trade wars, as President Donald Trump’s White House appears to have softened its stance toward both the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and China. This could benefit emerging markets (...)

April 18

Strategy Policy uncertainty vs economic certainty

Policy uncertainty was recently been at the highest levels we have ever seen. However spreads have remained relatively tight and volatility was close to record low levels. The cash bond market is still trading in a tight range in the past couple of months and implied vols (...)

April 11

Strategy How Do Hedge Funds Position Ahead of the Atypical French Elections?

Hedge funds generated alpha last week. Global Macro funds outperformed thanks to higher dollar and oil prices. Amid slightly negative global equities, L/S Equity funds succeeded in extracting excess returns, especially in Europe through relative (...)

March 30

Strategy Value, the obvious factor

All famous investors from Benjamin Graham to Warren Buffet have, first and foremost, been fervent advocates of value investing. Value can be assessed in very diverse ways and value investing can also suffer from some drawbacks. Here are a few pointers for understanding value (...)

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Strategy The potential of trend-following strategies remains intact

Penalised at the peak of the European debt crisis by highly correlated and non-trending markets, trend-following funds have retained their unrivalled ability to improve the efficiency of an investment portfolio. Better consideration of the issues associated with risk (...)


Strategy Swiss Re among first in the re/insurance industry to integrate ESG benchmarks into its investment decisions

Swiss Re announced that it has already consistently integrated ESG considerations into its investment process since the start of 2017.


Strategy Goldman Sachs : « Hedging by purchasing puts on bank shares !»

With the rise in the probability of extreme risks taking place, the purchase of puts on bank shares, considering the implicit volatility on the Eurostoxx 50, seems to be an attractive hedge for long term investors according to Goldman (...)


Strategy Bond market headaches: The Fed and Greece but select opportunities remain

A cagey US Federal Reserve and unfinished business in Greece will likely continue to unsettle the credit markets, but Australian government bonds may offer one route to mitigate risk, and select opportunities exist in countries such as Cyprus and India, according to Ariel (...)


Strategy Risk factor investing explained

Risk factor investing is growing in popularity, but there’s a risk of getting lost in the factor “zoo”. In this Expert Opinion Thierry Roncalli, Head of Quantitative Research at Lyxor Asset Management, explains the concept of risk factors and distinguishes between facts and (...)


Strategy BlackRock: Insurers Face Fixed Income Dilemma

Insurers are likely to re-examine their allocations to fixed income assets in 2013 as continued low interest rates challenge business models and profitability, according to BlackRock’s global insurance industry outlook, “2013: The Year (...)


Strategy ECB: an impressive QE

According to Philippe Ithurbide, Global Head of Research, Strategy and Analysis at Amundi, it will act through a number of channels among which interest rate, liquidity, wealth effect and forex channels, whose effects has already partly been felt in anticipation, to which (...)


Strategy Four picks for investors following last week

Equities and bonds strengthened worldwide, but the dollar weakened because of the Fed’s more dovish tone on future rate rises. Whilst now at 1%, there is the suggestion another two rate rises will happen in 2017, this is still below some of the market’s more fearful (...)


Strategy Should European markets be back on the menu?

​It has been and remains a tough time to be a European equity fund manager. That generally should be considered an immediate warning to look out for lame excuses as to why a fund is underperforming. Or it might actually be an interesting way of thinking about how political (...)


Strategy Focus on yield, quality and diversification as safe havens contract

Investors should focus on investments that offer yield, quality and diversification amid expectations that the global economy will avoid recession but experience fragile growth in 2012, according to Bill O’Neill, Chief Investment Officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa (...)


Strategy Which strategies to privilege in an environment of extreme risk ?

A convex strategy seems to better correspond to long-term investors in terms of preference structures, potentially ready to give up some of their earnings to avoid losses that would be difficult to handle from an emotional point of (...)


Strategy Bank of Japan: stupor or fear?

Since the 2008 crisis, central banks have had a major influence on financial market trends. The Bank of Japan (BoJ) in particular has orchestrated a historic rally among Japanese equity markets since announcing its quantitative and qualitative easing strategy (QQE) at the (...)


Strategy Corporate Bonds – Ideal for Emerging Markets diversification

With sovereign ceilings rising, corporate governance and overall transparency improving, demand and liquidity high and returns attractive relative to risk, what’s not to like about Emerging Markets corporate bonds?


Strategy Bond Markets: a macro-economic cocktail that calls for a selective approach

Investors should adapt to this new reality, just as they are being buffeted by a number of economic crosswinds: a strengthening US dollar with its disruptive impact on emerging economies, the knock-on effect on developed nations, deteriorating US fundamentals sparked by a (...)


Strategy CPR Invest - Global disruptive opportunities, disruptive forces at work for healthcare

Interaction between conventional medical research and the high tech industry has led to considerable progress in healthcare in recent years. faster and more effective treatments are in this way able to reduce costs.


Strategy CPR AM has recently launched CPR Invest – Global Disruptive Opportunities | A look back at an accelerating phenomenon: disruption

The recently theorised phenomenon of "disruption" is defined as a process whereby a product, a service or a solution disrupts the rules on an already established market. Technological progress, along with the globalisation of trade and demographic changes are now helping to (...)


Hidden assets

Learn about hidden assets (volatility, correlation,...) and related strategies

Multi-asset funds

Special Focus on Multi-asset funds: Prevent structural asset allocation biases to improve responsiveness, Allocation strategy for 2017, Multi-Asset Funds Face Investors Scrutiny on Flexibility…

Smart Beta

Special focus on Smart Beta & Factor Investing : Beta positionning and outlook within current asset management framework | Risk factor investing | Factors Value, Momentum, Low Volatility, Quality | Smart Beta and Low Carbon | Smart Beta and (...)

Strategies on dividend derivatives

Dividends : New strategies - Analysis, investment perspectives and strategies on dividend derivatives....

Alternative Risk Premia

Alternative Risk Premia: Alternative Risk Premia strategies | Using Risk Premia for a true diversified portfolio | Investors Increase Pressure on Hedge Funds to Lower Fees | Combining différent styles for risk premia (...)


Infrastructure : A Growing asset class | The role of pension funds | Energy infrastructure | The MLP example | Accessing the US Energy Infrastructure with MLP ETFs....

ETF & Index Management

ETF & Index Management: ETF Liquidity, Measuring Performance of ETF, ETF Marketplace, Top 10 Providers...


China : Invest in domestic chinese stocks with ETFS-E Fund MSCI China A GO UCITS | Chinese domestic equities could benefit from more economic stimulus| Li Kequiang’s Chinese growth indicator …

Gestion Obligataire

Gestion Obligataire : Quelle allocation d’actifs obligataires ? | Rallonger la maturité des investissements | La recherche de rendement, un exercice de plus en plus difficile | Investir en volatilité sur les obligations américaines | Déclin de la liquidité du crédit | Rendements (...)

Gestion Action

Gestion Action – Comment investir dans les actions thématiques ? Small Caps, Growth, Value, Momentum, High Dividend, Equity Europe Income Defensive... Quel style de gestion pour quel rendement/risque ? La bulle sur les stratégies à faible volatilité est-elle en train d’éclater (...)


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