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February 16

Opinion So long, bond bull market

According to Jim Cielinski, Global Head of Fixed Income, Columbia Threadneedle, Key drivers shaping bond markets have changed. Keeping a global perspective and knowing which macro signals to watch for can help you prepare for changes in bond (...)


Upgrading European equities; downgrading EM debt


Protecting against Protectionism : Why is deglobalisation gaining momentum and what should investors do about it?


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February 1

Opinion Hour of truth comes for the flexible funds industry

According to Tarek Issaoui, Head of Cross Asset Flexible Solutions at THEAM, coming months and years will most probably see more differentiation between the performance of flexible funds. As diversification benefits become less important, drawdown management will develop (...)

January 16

Opinion Caution will be needed in emerging markets in 2017, waiting to find the right entry point

2016 has been a better year for emerging market returns after underperforming for many years. However it has been a volatile year and one has had to be an active manger, being selective, tactical and rotating between asset classes and currencies to maximize (...)

January 10

Opinion Tighter Labor Markets Inspire Further Reflation and Rate Normalization

At the end of 2016, the nonfarm payroll print came in at 156,000 jobs gained for the month of December, which was a bit under the consensus expectation of 180,000 jobs, but it still represents a solid number for a labor market that needs to be regarded as very close to, if (...)

January 5

Opinion Positioning portfolios for 2017

We see reflation − rising nominal growth, wages and inflation – accelerating globally in 2017, led by the U.S. This theme is central to how we suggest positioning portfolios for the coming year, including our preference for value stocks over bond (...)

January 4

Opinion Generali Investments’ 2016 Year Review: European High Yield Bonds

For the European high yield bond market, 2016 was marked by three distinct phases and some defining moments. In contrast to normally favorable seasonal trends, the beginning of the year saw an abrupt sell-off which lasted for the first forty days on the back of a global (...)

December 2016

Opinion 2017 outlook: China equities

Charlie Awdry, China portfolio manager, shares his views on the prospects for Chinese stocks in 2017. He believes the focus on high quality growth companies exposed to long-term consumer trends and cyclical value stocks places his portfolios in good stead to deliver (...)

December 2016

Opinion Asian Dividend Income: cautiously optimistic in 2017

Michael Kerley and Sat Duhra, Co-Managers of the Henderson Asian Dividend Income Strategy, provide their outlook for 2017. While macro events will continue to dominate markets, Asia’s strong potential for dividend growth remains the key reason why investors should remain (...)

December 2016

Opinion It is a good time to invest in US equities

David Pyle, portfolio manager of the Robeco BP US Large Cap Equities Fund, believes that now is a good time to invest in US equities despite the record index levels.

December 2016

Opinion Reasons to like emerging markets

Risks to EM equities and bonds have increased since the U.S. election, with the incoming Trump administration’s policies on trade uncertain. Yet a cyclical growth pick-up benefitting EMs outweighs these risks for now, we believe, and supports selectively investing in EM (...)

December 2016

Opinion Equity markets are being complacent on Italy & Europe

According to James Butterfill, Head of Research & Investment Strategy at ETF Securities, the Italian referendum yesterday signified a worrying trend for the rest of Europe in confirming the rise of populist parties in the EU, and particularly important given that 70% of (...)

November 2016

Opinion From “low volatility growth” to “high volatility value”

In our view, the recent sharp market rotation that we have seen – from “low volatility growth” to “high volatility value” – is a continuation and acceleration of the trend change that has been underway since the third quarter of this year. The turning point for “quality growth” (...)

November 2016

Opinion Global bond markets : « too far, too fast ? »

Global bond markets, especially emerging markets, took it on the chin over the past five trading days as investors reacted to the U.S. election results and soaring expectations of a Federal Reserve rate hike in (...)

November 2016

Opinion Trump leads Republican sweep as US rejects status quo

Global uncertainty to remain as election result signals further rolling back of globalisation themes, with emerging markets likely to see greatest impact. For the US, the Republican sweep in both houses will facilitate Trump’s agenda with a focus on domestic growth, spending (...)

November 2016

Opinion A Trump presidency

It’s Brexit all over again. The surge in anti-establishment sentiment is definitively global. Brexit can no longer be dismissed as a freak event. It is a trend. Donald Trump has won, by defying his party, the media, and conventional politics. Populism is coming to power. The (...)

November 2016

Opinion A Trump card in the US deck

US voters have put their faith in Donald Trump, electing him as the 45th US President. As with the “Brexit” vote in the UK, this can be seen as another victory for the politics of anger currently sweeping across Western (...)

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Opinion Investment outlook: Mind the gaps in the turtle cycle

Regional differences in growth and policy will drive international financial markets next year. This is the view of Asoka Wöhrmann, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management in his outlook for (...)


Opinion Big thoughts on little loans through mezzanine tranche of microfinance CLO structure

Not all microfinance creates positive social benefit, so a robust research process is critical to ensure that benefits will be achieved. The social responsibility of the lending process is an essential check in reducing financial risk and delivering more sustainable (...)


Opinion Combining Active and Passive management in a Portfolio

In recent years, long-held ideas on portfolio construction have been called into question. Investors can now choose from a range of “smart beta” strategies, offering exposure to market risk premia in a systematic, transparent fashion. Where does the dividing line between (...)


Opinion Caution will be needed in emerging markets in 2017, waiting to find the right entry point

2016 has been a better year for emerging market returns after underperforming for many years. However it has been a volatile year and one has had to be an active manger, being selective, tactical and rotating between asset classes and currencies to maximize (...)


Opinion Piketty and Plutonomy: The revenge of inequality

When wealth and income are as concentrated as they are, and expected (a la Piketty) to get even more so, examining the “average” consumer or “average” investor makes little sense. Examining the fat tail – the behavior of the plutonomists, rather than that of the multitudinous (...)


Opinion Overview of Quantitative Finance in France

A short review of quantitative finance in France under the lens of the Next Finance website: Profile of quants, origins and outlook of the industry.


Opinion Renminbi depreciation, an unexpected but welcome move

The depreciation of the Chinese currency took many investors by surprise. And a surprise it was, although not necessarily a negative one, says Victoria Mio.


Opinion Swiss National Bank (SNB) decided to abandon its minimum exchange-rate floor policy

Salman Ahmed, LOIM’s Global Strategist, has commented on the Swiss National Bank’s policy update this morning. He discusses the implications for the Swiss currency and the wider impact on the eurozone economy.


Opinion Interest rates: Brexit and term premiums

Since the announcement of the vote for Brexit at the UK referendum, long-term interest rates have plunged to record lows across all major currencies. The US 10-year interest rate hit an all-time low of 1.32% on July 6, before rebounding to 1.47% on July 12. But are these (...)


Opinion How Could They?

According to William H. Gross, markets are reaching the point of low return and diminishing liquidity. Investors may want to begin to take some chips off the table: raise asset quality, reduce duration, and prepare for at least a halt of asset appreciation engineered upon a (...)


Opinion To predict or to adapt?

According to Fabrice Foy, Quantitative Analyst at CCR-AM, we should do the exact opposite of the classical theory: the stock price does not reflect fundamentals, and if it deviates from its fundamental value, it does not necessarily tend to revert (...)


Opinion Impressive rebound in risky assets

Although, panic has faded, growth outlook is still uncertain. Patrick Moonen, Principal Strategist Multi Asset at NN IP and Valentijn van Nieuwenhuijzen Head of Multi Asset at NN IP, have downgraded equities to neutral (...)


Opinion Brexit viewpoint: generational differences

European equities manager Tim Stevenson gives his personal views on the UK referendum, assessing some of the current arguments around EU membership and the impact of a potential Brexit.


Opinion The Recovery-less Recovery

Global risk assets have had a testing week last tweek; at the time of writing, the S&P 500 is more than 8.5% below the record high it achieved just a month ago. So why are markets rattled?


Opinion The gold market is a «bubble ready to burst» !

According to U.S. bank Wells Fargo, speculative demand pushed the gold market to « a bubble that is about to explode »…


Opinion Combining différent styles for risk premia strategies

According to Ronen Israel, principal at AQR Capital Management, four investment “styles” — Value, Momentum, Carry and Defensive — have emerged as compelling sources of alternative returns, backed by economic theory and decades of data across geographies and asset (...)


Mory Doré’s column

Mory Doré’s views on monetary policy, asset allocation, financial management of banks and understanding of crises

Éclairages Économiques Notebook

The association Éclairages Économiques share with us analysis mostly relying on current research on various economics issues

Selection: Prospects

Regulation Regulatory prospects: 2012 and beyond

2009 was a year of intense reflection on the functioning of the financial sector. There followed an intense regulatory activity in 2010, unfortunately with few formal adoptions of regulations. 2011 marked the surge of the will to succeed with provisional schedules. Where do (...)

Reading An Economic Approach to Marriage

Marriages are not always very stable. A divorce rate of 50 % in developed countries serves to prove. We ask ourselves if it is possible to form stable relationships. An economic analysis may be able to answer this (...)

Note Aging population poses new opportunities for global investment managers

Early conclusions from ongoing SimCorp StrategyLab research point to demographic changes as a key factor influencing the future of the global investment management industry.

Note Launch of green bonds

The term «Green Bonds» is more frequently used to describe a market that should mature very fast in order to deal with numerous requests for investments in the field of green infrastructure projects.

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