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May 29

Opinion Anatomy of a dollar rally

In the era of Central Bank policy influence, we have become used to large shifts in the performance and trends of different currencies across time. For the better part of the past two years, the currency headlines have been dominated by a weakening US (...)


Despite fears about the Bitcoin ’bubble’ bursting, the price of the new digital coins is going through the roof


TOBAM launches first Bitcoin mutual fund in Europe


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April 2017

News The euro jumped by 1% this morning against the US dollar to 1.0836, while defensive assets dropped

The French OAT- German Bund yield spreads tighten by 16bps as market’s pricing in the likely outcome of Macron winning the elections as many French political leaders now support him in an effort to block the Far-right Le (...)

December 2016

News Euro surpasses RMB in traditional trade finance

Since the launch of the first SWIFT RMB Tracker in November 2011, the RMB has shown stellar growth for payments, whilst RMB usage by value in traditional trade finance – letters of credit and collections – has been decreasing since 2014. The Chinese currency is now the (...)

October 2016

Opinion Hard time for sterling

According to Luc Luyet and Frederik Ducrozet, Asset Allocation & Macro Research, Pictet Wealth Management, the sharp drop of the sterling on Friday 7 October at the start of trading in Asia with the currency declining 6% in the course of twenty minutes was the climax of (...)

September 2016

News Global FX trading averages $5.1 trillion a day in April 2016; spot trading falls while FX swaps rise

The 2016 Triennial Central Bank Survey of foreign exchange (FX) and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets activity shows a decline in FX spot trading for the first time since 2001, even as activity in FX derivatives continued to (...)

June 2016

Strategy Brexit: ETF Securities sees rise in demand for short-GBP ETFs

According to James Butterfill, Head of Research and Investment Strategy at ETF Securities, most investors believe that the greatest short-term impact - of fear of Brexit rather than Brexit itself - will be on sterling and consequently he has seen a big rise in short (...)

June 2016

Opinion Brexit referendum: more volatility ahead for Sterling

According to James Butterfill, Head of Research at ETF Securities comments, Brexit is the mother of all market uncertainties: legal, political, economic, polling and currency risk combining to make any confidence about the short-term outlook (...)

April 2016

Strategy JPY at risk of reversal: who wins? who loses?

JPY and Japanese equities were the outcast of the rally, in diffidence of Abenomics’ and BoJ’s chances of success. They bear a risk of a reversal ahead of the coming BoJ meetings (April 28 & June 16) and the July Upper House (...)

February 2016

Strategy Fed, Oil, yuan: towards a triple capitulation?

The first few days of the year were particularly challenging for capital markets. Further incertitude regarding the strength of the US cycle and the possibility that the Chinese economy is weathering a heavy depression drove risky assets lower, bucking the traditional (...)

February 2016

Note Signs of global liquidity tightening for emerging markets

Global liquidity conditions may have begun to tighten for emerging market economies (EMEs), according to updated data from the Bank for International Settlements. BIS General Manager Jaime Caruana detailed highlights from the latest global liquidity indicators, a measure of (...)

November 2015

Note On the impact of Brexit on sterling

As yet, sterling appears not to have reacted to the looming referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union. Over the short to medium term, however, the currency should end up reacting negatively, so great is the fallout for the British economy. In (...)

November 2015

Strategy Volatility and absence of momentum in 2016 mean a tactical approach is needed

Volatility and absence of momentum in 2016 mean a tactical approach is needed, says Christophe Donay, Chief Strategist at Pictet Wealth Management

September 2015

Strategy Barclays’s Top Trades

Barclays read recent Chinese measures as evidence that officials are accepting that the country’s growth trend has been hit by the build-up of imbalances that can no longer be sustained. Barclays’s analysts think that a lower Chinese growth trend, more than the cyclical (...)

August 2015

Opinion Renminbi depreciation, an unexpected but welcome move

The depreciation of the Chinese currency took many investors by surprise. And a surprise it was, although not necessarily a negative one, says Victoria Mio.

January 2015

Innovation Nomura launches US Dollar and Euro-hedged Nikkei 225 ETFs

Nomura, Asia’s global investment bank, today launched the “Nomura Nikkei 225 Euro-Hedged UCITS Exchange Traded Fund” and the “Nomura Nikkei 225 US Dollar-Hedged UCITS Exchange Traded Fund”. The ETFs are listed on the London Stock Exchange and will be available to investors in key (...)

January 2015

Opinion Swiss National Bank (SNB) decided to abandon its minimum exchange-rate floor policy

Salman Ahmed, LOIM’s Global Strategist, has commented on the Swiss National Bank’s policy update this morning. He discusses the implications for the Swiss currency and the wider impact on the eurozone economy.

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Strategy Currencies: The investment theme of the next decade?

A wind of change is blowing on the international monetary system, which could start a new chapter of its history. Investment Strategy Specialist at ING Investment Management, Vincent Juvyns presents current issues and explains how they can be an investment (...)


Strategy Investing during market turmoil

The idea that considers equity investing as long term has simply become absurd nowadays and has been so during the last 10 years. Let us be reassured. Opportunities will still be around. The only real question nowadays is how to allocate between real assets and financial (...)


Note The Yuan - will it soon become a reserve currency ?

Whilst several experts estimate the that it will still be about ten years before the status of the yuan changes to that of a reserve currency, the exchange agreement between Japan and China which replaces the dollar with the yen or the yuan, for bilateral trade, could (...)


News BNP Paribas denies having trouble obtaining USD funding

BNP Paribas categorically denies the statements made by a certain anonymous BNP Paribas executive who states that the bank has a liquidity problem in dollars and is participating in the creation of a market in euros to solve the (...)


News SMEs switching to Renminbi for Chinese business according to DB survey

In spite of increasing volatility in foreign exchange markets, only around half of companies that were surveyed hedge foreign exchange risks in Renminbi transactions...


Opinion Beware the dangerous emerging market ‘grand narrative’

The emerging markets (EM) ‘grand narrative’ that you hear constantly churned out is at best misleading and at worst dangerous...


Strategy Volatility : An asset class to make a portfolio more robust to crises

Investors, especially those of long-term maturity, should take advantage, to make their portfolios less vulnerable to episodes of market stress...


Strategy The Euro’s Survival and traditional asset classes prospects for 2012

On the basis of the survival «in fine» of the Euro through a constrained and massive indirect monetization from the ECB, what are the expectations for 2012 on foreign exchange, short-term rates, long-term rates and (...)


Innovation Stoxx launches currency hedged version of european benchmark index

STOXX Limited introduced the STOXX Europe 600 Hedged EUR Index. The new index is a currency hedged strategy benchmark aimed at investors seeking exposure to the well-known STOXX Europe 600 Index, while at the same time looking to reduce the risk of currency (...)


News Sarkozy wants major changes in commodities markets !

Sarkozy also told speculators to be prepared for big losses if they bet against the euro


Opinion New world order: three central economic theses

According to Johannes Müller, Chief Economist of DWS Investments, the next ten to twenty years will bring 3 major changes: higher rates of inflation, weaker importance of the U.S Dollar and an increase in market (...)


News Weaker Rouble Raises Risks, But Manageable for Most Banks

The recent sharp fall in the Russian rouble has added to pressures on Russian banks’ credit profiles, leaving some exposed, Fitch Ratings says. However, rouble risks should be manageable for most lenders, unless deposit dollarisation accelerates and the currency falls (...)


Opinion When is it time for the SNB to think about the exit?

According to Goldman Sachs, the SNB’s exchange rate ceiling against the Euro is often seen as a binding constraint on its future interest rate decisions. But the exchange rate commitment is only likely to become a constraint on rate decisions if the CHF remains close to the (...)


Note The impact of commodity prices on Emerging Markets

In the report, Nomura’s researchers highlight five channels through which emerging market economies are affected by lower commodity prices: Merchandise trade, CPI inflation, profit margins, fiscal positions, and GDP growth to assess the winners and losers in the Emerging (...)


News BNP Paribas Investment Partners granted one of the first RQFII licenses in France and the Eurozone

BNP Paribas Investment Partners granted one of the first RQFII licenses in France and the Eurozone: Providing its clients with the latest investment avenues to China’s Onshore Markets


News Eurozone: How the City is bracing itself for the worst.

Within the large investment banks, special teams consisting of 10 to 30 people have been assembled in order to develop rescue kits designed to face all types of scenarios resulting from a breakup of the Eurozone.

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