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July 28

Innovation BlackRock launches diversified commodities ETF

BlackRock has launched an exchange traded fund (ETF) providing exposure to a variety of commodity markets for investors seeking portfolio diversification tools, at a time when the correlation between historically uncorrelated asset classes is (...)


Buying the oil dip


Will 2017 herald a commodity bull market?


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January 9

Strategy Buy in January, Sell in May? The seasonality of commodity performance

Most commodities outperformance is skewed to the early months of the calendar year, according to ETF Securities, one of the world’s leading independent providers of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs).

September 2016

Opinion What is the outlook for oil prices?

Oil prices have been fluctuating widely this summer. Such volatility adds to the uncertainty facing consumer and businesses and raises doubts about future oil prices. Analysis by Jeanne Asseraf-Bitton, Head of Lyxor Cross Asset (...)

July 2016

News Big Shorts and Gold Rush dominate ETP flows

Surges in appetite for Gold and Short/Leveraged exchange traded products (“ETPs”) dominated the first half of the year, with demand for both redoubling after the shock Brexit referendum result, according to latest inflow data from ETF (...)

July 2016

Strategy Gold & Mines – A good way to diversify in the current environment!

According to Arnaud du Plessis, CPR AM thematic equities manager specialising in gold and commodities, after the US Nonfarm Payrolls fell far short of expectations in early June, a further boost to the gold market was provided by the Brexit vote. The big winners are UK (...)

June 2016

Strategy Brexit dominated ETP flows last Friday

Investors frantically purchase Gold ETPs after Britain delivered a shock vote to leave the European Union with inflows of US$201m on Friday alone. US$180mn redemption in Short GBP ETPs following the vote. Long crude oil ETPs experienced limited outflows, whilst oil prices (...)

June 2016

News ETF Securities Revises Fair Value Target as Brexit Gold Rush Continues

ETF Securities has adjusted its fair value target for gold to $1400, amid a surge in appetite for the precious metal.

May 2016

Opinion Saudi Arabia heading towards a post-oil era…

It has taken a long time to Saudi Arabia to embark on a reform wave, but it seems that after eight decades of oil dependency, and under the current context of sustained low crude oil prices that pushed Saudi Arabia into a budget deficit of nearly $100bn last year (15% of (...)

April 2016

Opinion Oil : turning point is at hand

Roberto Cominotto, Investment Director for energy equities at GAM, is convinced that a sustainable turning point in the oil market is within reach, thanks to the decline in US production.

March 2016

Opinion Impressive rebound in risky assets

Although, panic has faded, growth outlook is still uncertain. Patrick Moonen, Principal Strategist Multi Asset at NN IP and Valentijn van Nieuwenhuijzen Head of Multi Asset at NN IP, have downgraded equities to neutral (...)

February 2016

Strategy Fed, Oil, yuan: towards a triple capitulation?

The first few days of the year were particularly challenging for capital markets. Further incertitude regarding the strength of the US cycle and the possibility that the Chinese economy is weathering a heavy depression drove risky assets lower, bucking the traditional (...)

February 2016

Strategy Commodities at peak bearishness, presenting major opportunity

ETF Securities, one of the world’s leading, independent providers of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), believes commodity markets may be close to their most attractive ever after continued levels of bearishness.

January 2016

Innovation Euronext launches sugar contract

Euronext announced that it will be launching a new Sugar commodities futures contract in the autumn of 2016, subject to regulatory approval. Aimed at all the actors of the European Union Sugar ecosystem, the contract will allow the industry to hedge its positions against (...)

November 2015

Strategy El Niño: Winds of Change for Commodity Prices?

Based on their data, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the organization responsible for identifying global weather patterns, is predicting a greater than 90% chance that El Niño will continue through the northern hemisphere winter in 2015-2016 and (...)

October 2015

Opinion Outlook Brazil

Brazil is in recession territory. The country’s fiscal consolidation plan had a major set-back in July as the finance minister Joaquim Levy announced a significant downward revision of the government’s primary fiscal surplus targets. In august, S&P placed Brazil’s foreign (...)

June 2015

Innovation Euronext launches wood pellet contract expansion into renewable energy sector

Euronext today announced that it will be launching a new Wood Pellet commodities futures contract in the autumn of 2015, subject to regulatory approval. Aimed at producers, wholesalers and retailers, this physically-settled contract targeting the residential heating sector, (...)

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Opinion Stuck between Europe and China

For investors in emerging markets, the positive dynamics in China, on the one hand, and the malaise in Europe, on the other, are causing perplexity.


Kiosk Alternatives to financial markets investments

The financial investment is not limited to financial markets assets and the current uncertainties obviously feed such thoughts. Indeed, there are many investment vehicles that could create value in a portfolio.


News Sarkozy wants major changes in commodities markets !

Sarkozy also told speculators to be prepared for big losses if they bet against the euro


News Gold as collateral for a participation in the Greek support plan

Will Finland jeopardize the Greek plan? The country requires collateral in exchange for its participation in the support plan. The German labour minister, Ursula Von Der Leyen, has agreed to those terms…


Innovation Agritel launches the first volatility index on agricultural commodities

Agritel, a firm specialized in price risk management for agriculture business and agribusiness ones, announced the launch of « Agritel Volatility Index », an unprecedented market indicator


News Mercuria Closes Acquisition of J.P. Morgan Chase Physical Commodities Business

Mercuria Energy Group, Ltd (“Mercuria”) announced today it has successfully completed the acquisition of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co (“J.P. Morgan”) Physical Commodities Business, following the signing of a definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement in March of (...)


News New record day in Euronext milling wheat commodities

Euronext, the leading exchange in the Euro zone, today announced that on 16 December its commodities franchise achieved a second lifetime record daily volumes in the same month in milling wheat futures with 92,531 contracts (...)


News The potential for bubbles of shale gas

The operation of shale gas could generate major geopolitical changes: Instead of an increasing reliance on Russia and the Middle East, we would witness an important reshuffling of the cards


Strategy How should investors deal with an oil shock?

Oil prices have risen substantially in the past months. Given the ongoing unrest in the Middle East, a potential oil shock is still one of the biggest risks for economic growth and financial markets.


Strategy Equities: will oil spoil the party?

After the strong start to the year equity markets are getting vulnerable to profit taking. A further rise in oil prices could well provide the excuse for doing so, certainly as the momentum in liquidity creation seems to have (...)


Opinion Oil markets to barrel forward in 2011

The energy sector is turning a corner and we are at the early stages of a new upward cycle in oil markets, according to Robin Batchelor, manager of BlackRock’s BGF World Energy Fund...


Opinion Fair trade, angel or demon ?

As citizens movements connect politically and economically, fair trade talks about itself. A fair and equitable trade, what is more decent in appearance ? But in order to determine the fair part of trade, we need beforehand to determine what we mean by this (...)


Opinion Extraordinary times… winners and losers in the oil game

We are living and investing in extraordinary times. Investors face a ‘perfect storm’ of risks which are correlating and affecting markets. The largest headlines are being generated by the movements in energy markets as Brent crude oil has fallen by 45% so far this year in US (...)


Opinion The conditions are there for gold to return to USD 2000/oz over the next six months

The expectation of new central bank action was favorable for gold, causing a renewed surge in its price. Securities purchases by the European and US monetary authorities should help to propel gold towards new records.


Strategy Allocators Scale Back in Commodities and Emerging Market Stocks

BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey Finds Investors Positioning For China Slowdown and Low Inflation...


Innovation Ossiam ETF on the Risk Weighted Enhanced Commodity Ex Grains TR Index

Using its expertise in systematic asset management, in 2013, Ossiam has set up an ETF offering a long only exposure to a risk weighted enhanced commodity index, based on S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity Index constituents, excluding (...)

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