The last Goldman’s prop traders are preparing to start their own Hegde fund!

Ariel Roskis and Daniele Benatoff, traders for the famous Goldman’s «Principal Strategies» desk, should start their Hegde funds in London in the second quarter ...

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According to the Financial Times, they have already secured a $300 million investment from Brummer & Partners, one of the Swedish largest hedge fund.

Jacob Lannero, a spokesman for Brummer & Partners, declined to discuss Roskis and Benatoff’s plans. The pair was not available for further details. A spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs in London declined to comment.

Goldman Sachs is losing traders as it moves to comply with a provision of the U.S.’s Dodd-Frank financial rules that prohibits banks from betting capital for their own accounts. Nine employees left in October to start a unit at private equity firm KKR & Co. that will invest in stocks.

Pierre-Henri Flamand, the former head of Goldman Sachs’s Principal Strategies group, retired last year to start his own hedge fund.

Morgan Sze, who succeeded Flamand as Goldman Sachs’s global head of the principal strategies unit, is starting a hedge fund based in Asia that should manage around $ 1 billion.

Separately, Threadneedle Asset Management have recently hired Irina Miklavchich, an executive director in Goldman Sachs’s Principal Strategies group. Based in London, she will manage funds investing in equities in emerging markets.

Next Finance , January 2011

Article also available in : English EN | français FR

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