September 20

News Euronext and CDP Equity confirm exclusive talks with LSEG to acquire Borsa Italiana

Euronext and CDP Equity (“CDPE”, 100% owned by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti) confirm they have entered into exclusive talks with London Stock Exchange Group plc (“LSEG”) to acquire Borsa Italiana group, together with Intesa Sanpaolo. There can be no certainty that this will lead to (...)


Charlotte Alliot: « Index and Futures Euronext ESG 80 allow investors to invest in the 80 best performing ESG and best energy transition score listed companies in the euro zone »


German Government to introduce concept of Green Twin Bonds

Special Highlight

Actions Thématiques - Special Disruption - La pandémie du Covid 19, accélérateur de la disruption sur le long terme : En quelques semaines, l’innovation s’est accélérée, les taux d’adoption à de nouveaux usages ont explosé : télémédecine, apprentissage à distance, loisirs confinés… sont devenus la nouvelle norme, et cette nouvelle norme va perdurer.

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Euronext Dublin launches ISEQ 20® Index Future

ETF / Index

Lyxor launches 5 ETFs based on megatrends


July 6

Interview Thierry Dissaux : “Yes, we use Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) criteria”

According to Thierry Dissaux, Chairman of the French Deposit Insurance and Resolution Fund (FGDR), for its next call for equity offers, the FGDR should select an ETF equity index excluding companies with controversial governance and those with a significant share of their (...)


Pierre Kanengieser : “I would advise finance / insurance groups to accelerate their digital transformation”


A look inside the Fed’s $1.307 billion ETF allocation – 7 iShares ETFs account for 48% of the assets



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People Moves Florence Barjou appointed as Chief Investment Officer of Lyxor Asset Management

Lyxor Asset Management is pleased to announce the appointment of Florence Barjou as Chief Investment Officer. Based in Paris, Florence will report to Lionel Paquin, CEO of Lyxor. She will join Lyxor’s Executive Committee as of October 5th, when her appointment becomes (...)


News Muzinich & Co. Limited announces the first close of Pan-European II Private Debt Fund

Like its predecessor vehicle, the Fund focuses on providing growth capital to lower middle-market companies to fund acquisitions, expansions and transitions in family and founder-owned businesses. The Fund follows on the successful €706.5mn. closing of the firm’s first (...)


News 10 largest sovereign wealth funds control $5.7 trillion with 21% majority based in Asia

Data presented by Buy Shares indicates the ten largest Sovereign Wealth Funds control assets worth $5.7 trillion. The assets value was recorded as of July 2020.


News ESMA sees high risk of decoupling of financial market performance and underlying economic activity

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU securities markets regulator, today publishes its second Trends, Risks and Vulnerabilities (TRV) Report of 2020.


Interview Matthieu Esposito: "We have not changed our strategic allocation with the health crisis"

According to Matthieu Esposito, Director of Investments & Treasury at La Mutuelle Générale, the investment team simply re-prioritized certain asset classes. With the markets falling, it has tactically sought to benefit from lower entry points on liquid (...)


Opinion European financials: reaching an inflection point

Despite a challenging first half of the year, Atlanticomnium’s Romain Miginiac says European banks and insurers have shown resilience and balance sheets remain rock solid. Meanwhile, pressure on the sector is gradually (...)


Opinion “Same wine, different bottle” – What next for Japan

Despite the resulting intraday market moves, Abe’s resignation should not come as a shock. He is a long-tenured PM with a history of ill health, and rumours of his departure had been circulating. However, the timing – in the middle of a global pandemic and its attendant (...)


Strategy Machine Learning : Choosing the best regime for you!

Machine learning and big data techniques have been developed making it possible to apply sophisticated mathematical models (hidden Markov switching models, which we will examine later) to financial data series in order to identify market regimes. All this has created scope (...)


Opinion Guy de Blonay H2 outlook

Global equities had their best quarter since 1998 in Q2 and started Q3 on a positive note. Markets could be choppier during summer, as valuations are rich in some leading sectors, seasonal liquidity is lower and many sources of risks (...)


Strategy Investment Style Rotations - Growth versus Value

Style rotations, where investors switch one type of investment style for another, are nothing new. At some point during most investment cycles different styles – such as growth, quality and value – will outperform at different points as investors rotate in and out depending on (...)

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Innovation Amundi unveils the first European Equity Multi-Factor Market Neutral ETF

Amundi ETF continues to innovate with the launch of the first European Equity Multi Factor Market Neutral ETF. Available on Euronext Paris, it will also be listed on the main European stock exchanges in the coming (...)


Stories How Nick Leeson caused the collapse of Barings Bank

In 1995, the financial markets were shaken by a massive scandal. Barings, one of the most prestigious banks in the United Kingdom is bankrupt following losses caused by Nick Leeson, one of its traders, aged 28 (...)


Opinion Review of the chinese economy at the end of the summer of 2019

The monthly data published at the start of the second quarter are fairly mixed and show no tangible signs of growth momentum improving in China. The GDP published for the second quarter has recently confirmed this sentiment. The slowdown at work since the start of the decade (...)


Regulation Solvency II: The conventions of the standard model and possible adverse effects

The Solvency II framework will change the way insurance companies address the investments performance in risky assets, by adding a new parameter to the traditional risk / reward tradeoff ....


Stories JP Morgan (1837-1913), founder of a leading institution

As one of the most influent American businessmen at the beginning of the 20th century, John Pierpont Morgan saved the US financial system more than once. He also initiated several important mutations of the US financial (...)


Strategy Subordinated debt – worth a look for yield-starved investors

Bonds yield little, while equities are not particularly cheap. Against that unappealing backdrop, looking beyond the beaten track for alternatives may prove rewarding. Anthony Smouha, CEO of Geneva-based Atlanticomnium, explains why he believes that junior debt could be an (...)


Product What is a dividend "future"?

A dividend future is a forward contract traded on an organized market, allowing taking a position on the amount of dividends paid by a publicly traded company to its shareholders for a specific maturity date. It is not necessary to hold shares in the company to intervene in (...)


Product What is Long/Short Equity ?

Hedge funds apply a vast array of investment strategies which can be more or less complex. In this article, we shall focus on the Long / Short strategy…


Strategy Risk factor investing explained

Risk factor investing is growing in popularity, but there’s a risk of getting lost in the factor “zoo”. In this Expert Opinion Thierry Roncalli, Head of Quantitative Research at Lyxor Asset Management, explains the concept of risk factors and distinguishes between facts and (...)


Salary & Bonus The Billionaire Financiers

In spite of the economic crisis, almost half of the 45 new entrants on the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans, have made their fortunes in Hedge Funds and Private Equity. Next Finance carries out a survey on (...)


Smart Beta

Special focus on Smart Beta & Factor Investing : Beta positionning and outlook within current asset management framework | Risk factor investing | Factors Value, Momentum, Low Volatility, Quality | Smart Beta and Low Carbon | Smart Beta and (...)

Eurex Market-on-Close Futures

Eurex Market-on-Close Futures : Benefiting the market: a listed solution for basis trading | Application opportunities | Key benefits | Eliminated slippage risk

ETF Actions américaines

Actions américaines : comment investir à ce stade du cycle ? Avec une collecte record de 16 milliards d’euros à fin août, soit 70% de la collecte totale du marché des ETF européens, les actions américaines dominent largement les flux ETF depuis le début de (...)


Special Finance Responsable : Investir dans les entreprises européennes qui limitent leurs émissions de CO2 : zoom sur l’indice Low Carbon 100 Europe®. | Décarbonation de Portefeuille : De quoi parle-t-on ? | Réduction des émissions de CO2 : où en sont les sociétés cotées (...)

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