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February 2019

Interview Bruno Servant & François Garreau : « Climate change and its consequences is a major challenge for the insurance industry and its business model »

According to Bruno Servant, CIO, Generali France and François Garreau, in charge of CSR, Generali France, as institutional investors, insurance companies have to take long term positions to manage risks in coherence with the long term horizon of its (...)


Note Global Investment Managers Outlook 2024 : Tough Investment Climate Pressures Performance

Fitch Ratings’ 2024 sector outlook for global investment managers (IMs) is deteriorating. Increased macroeconomic and geopolitical risks and an increased risk of a US government shutdown create a challenging investment climate, with declining economic growth and high interest (...)



Regulation The latest episode in the PRIIPs saga

The application of PRIIPs has been mired in controversy. Our view remains that the latest attempts to address problems with the regulation are a step forward but fail to remedy the fundamental flaws. The analysis of Anastasia Petraki, Head of Policy Research at (...)


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News SUEZ successfully priced an inaugural £600 million Green Bond issuance

Following its first two bond issuances denominated in euro in May 2022 and October 2022, SUEZ successfully priced a 20-year inaugural sterling Green Bond, yesterday.


Innovation Amundi and Sand Grove Capital launch event driven UCITS fund

Amundi, the largest European asset manager, and Sand Grove Capital Management LLP, (“Sand Grove”) announce the launch of the Amundi Sand Grove Event Driven Fund (the “Fund”). Available on the Amundi Alternatives UCITS platform, the Fund employs a global eventdriven1 equity (...)


Innovation Solactive Launches GBS United States 500 Enhanced Investment Grade with Zurich and DWS

Investors are facing a volatile financial environment amid inflation, ongoing Covid-19 restraints, and geopolitical conflicts.


News Strives Asset Management Launches Strive 500 ETF, Tracking Solactive GBS United States 500 Index

With the increasing likelihood of a recession on the horizon as inflation rises, investors might want to turn into diversifying their portfolios with options that traditionally are less susceptible to downturns or usually recover from bear markets and (...)


Innovation Grayscale Investments Launches First European ETF: Grayscale Future of Finance UCITS ETF

Graycale Investments, the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, today announced its first European ETF, Grayscale Future of Finance UCITS ETF (ticker: GFOF), will list on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), Borsa Italiana, and Deutsche Börse Xetra. GFOF will also be (...)

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News AllianzGI with over EUR 50 billion AuM in infrastructure

AllianzGI has surpassed EUR 50bn of Assets under Management (AuM) in infrastructure debt and equity at the end of 2023 accounting for over 50% of the private markets pillar´s AuM. Since 2009 AllianzGI/Allianz Capital Partners have closed over 200 transactions on 6 (...)


Opinion Added Value in ABS

Investors are moving back into higher-rated fixed income after years of comparative neglect, and we noted that asset- and mortgage-backed securities (ABS and MBS) offered diversified risk exposures, together with relative value caused mainly by technical supply-and-demand (...)


Opinion Reflections on Davos: Business as usual no longer exists

As the planes take off and the trains carry a steady stream of suited-and-winter-booted participants back home, skiers are returning to the slopes of Davos, Switzerland. Another edition of the World Economic Forum (WEF) has come to an end – but what have we (...)


Opinion Equities head for choppy ride as higher yield market takes hold

More fixed income funds will need to increase exposure to corporate bonds and emerging market debt to deliver higher yields which more investors increasingly demand , MPG believes


Opinion Investors Cannot Ignore the Debt-Sustainability Question

Despite a pullback in bond yields, clients at our Solving for 2024 event were still uncertain about how to invest in a world of runaway government debt.

Focus - Institutional

Interview Jean-Philippe Médecin : “Solvency II did not lead to a significant decline in our equity exposures”

Jean-Philippe Médecin, funding and asset-liability management director within the CNP Assurances investment department and its team are increasingly integrating hedges to limit the effects of market drawdowns…

Selection - Institutional

Strategy Gregory Guerrand : " Our Low Carbon 100 Europe Theam Easy UCITS ETF is a solution for investors who want to decarbonise their portfolio "

Gregory Guerrand, a specialist in index investments at THEAM, has agreed to answer a few questions about the Low Carbon 100 Europe Theam Easy UCITS exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Strategy Controling investment risk in commodities investment

Commodities exhibit unique characteristics including low correlations with bonds and equities and inflation-hedging abilities. These have made commodities an attractive addition to diversified portfolios and have generated growing interest in commodity (...)

Strategy The potential of trend-following strategies remains intact

Penalised at the peak of the European debt crisis by highly correlated and non-trending markets, trend-following funds have retained their unrivalled ability to improve the efficiency of an investment portfolio. Better consideration of the issues associated with risk (...)

Note The true nature of the derivative contract on French debt

The multiplication of misinterpretations related to the launch of the derivative contract on French debt leads to an apolitical analysis produced by a market professional to avoid amalgam and populism: This is a simple and useful contract, which was traded in the past in (...)

Opinion Risk free assets ?

But what is safe? Is it the AAA or AA rating provided by rating agencies such as S&P and Moody’s? Does “safe” equal goodwill bonds issued by sovereign countries such as France, Japan, the United Kingdom or the United States? (...)

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