H2O Asset Management launches a range of Global Macro UCIT funds: H2O Patrimoine, H2O Multibonds, H2O Adagio, H2O Moderato

At the crossroads of classic and alternative asset management, H2O Asset Management’s objective is to meet the needs and expectations of institutional, corporate and private clients for long?lasting, transparent and liquid performance asset management.

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Benefitting of a strategic partnership with Natixis Asset Management, H2O Asset Management manages today close to €522 million of assets (02/02/2011) [1]

H2O Asset Management is a London?based entrepreneurial venture [2] created by Bruno Castes, CEO, and Vincent Chailley, CIO. Each has more than 15 years of experience in global bond management and global macro alternative management. With a team of thirteen professionals with a strong and long?dated reputation in asset management, including six asset managers and one analyst, H2O Asset Management has formed a partnership with Natixis Asset Management and leverages the support of its sales teams in France and of its support functions, such as middle office, IS, reporting, risks, etc. For international distribution, it relies on the teams of Natixis Global Associates.

The policy of H2O Asset Management is based on three main points:
- The search for constant diversification, in all its dimensions: in terms of asset classes (sovereign bonds, loans, currencies and equities), of markets (developed and emerging), as well as strategy (directional, relative value, etc.) and investment horizons within the portfolio.  
- Permanent control of consistency between anticipations, positions and results, which guarantee long?lasting performance and transparency for the investor thanks to the optimization and analysis tools developed by the team.
- Controlled risk management throughout the investment process, via dynamic market and liquidity risk allocation. The management has developed specific management tools to quantify, allocate and manage the active risk for each strategy in real time. A separate risk control has also been set up for the H2O funds carried out by the risks department of Natixis Asset Management (market, liquidity counterparty and regulatory risks).

According to Bruno Crastes, CEO of H2O: “One cannot have long?lasting performance without transparency or liquidity”.

The H2O range of funds provides institutional, corporate and private investors with privileged access to global macro type strategies within UCIT funds and comprises four funds:
- H2O Patrimoine: flexible diversified management, with a three?year goal of maximizing performance beyond its reference indicator [3] while promoting wealth growth.   
- H2O Multibonds: multi?currency global bond management with a three?year goal of outperforming the JPM Government Bond Index Broad by 2% per year (Part I).  
- H2O Adagio and H2O Moderato: non?benchmarked management with an annualized performance goal over 1 year and 2 years: capitalized Eonia rate +1% per year and capitalized Eonia + 2% per year (parts I), while maintaining the lowest possible correlation with markets.

Next Finance , February 2011

Article also available in : English EN | français FR


[1] Source H2O Asset Management

[2] Approuved by the UK Financial Services Authority on 20 december 2010

[3] 30 % MSCI World All Countries DNR in € + 70 % JP Morgan Government Bond index Broad in €

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