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Allocation & Trend

Allocation & Trend

Video, April 12
The equity exposure of our portfolios is still relatively high
CPR Asset Management maintains a bias favorable to value stocks. Nonetheless, the management company took some profits in some of these segments during the month, such as North American small caps and the oil sector.CPR Asset Management maintains a bias favorable to value (...)
Strategy, April 12
Value, Momentum and the Outlook for Market Neutral L/S
Momentum stocks experienced a correction since Pfizer announced their Covid-19 vaccine results early November. Performance has nonetheless stabilized over the course of March, as the rebound in Value stocks has been persistent and started to be shown in the Momentum risk (...)
Opinion, April 1
Turkey – Here we Go Again
What does the appointment of the fourth central bank governor in less than two years mean for investors in Turkey? As have we have seen in the press, and to everyone’s surprise, last week the Turkish government replaced central bank chairman Naci Agbal, just four and a half (...)
News, March 22
World GDP Forecasts Revised Up After US Fiscal Stimulus Package
Global growth prospects are improving as fiscal support is stepped up sharply, economies adapt to social distancing and vaccination rollout gathers momentum, says Fitch Ratings in its latest Global Economic Outlook (GEO) released (...)
Video, March 15
Our central scenario is that of a strong economic recovery rather than that of overheating!
Within its equity allocation, CPR Asset Management has accentuated its bias in favor of value and cyclical assets, for example via global Value ETFs, lines on European markets, in the banking sector, energy or ETFs on commodities (...)


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