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September 2019

Opinion Draghi’s leaving message for euro area banks: learn to live with negative rates

The ECB’s new stimulus package adds to top-line challenges for European banks though the measures should support loan quality and asset valuations, says Scope Ratings.

July 2019

Opinion ECB worries have receded, but Fed policy doubts have some pundits on the defensive

June 2019

Opinion FED: US Economy looks like 2007

According to Bastien Drut, Senior Strategist at CPR AM, the context of the US economy in 2019 is not unlike that of 2007, that is to say, a period of economic slowdown that preceded the recession of 2008/2009.

June 2019

Opinion Bailing out the titanic with a teaspoon or why hope is a strategy for the ECB

The European Central Bank (ECB) meeting today was anticipated by investors with a range of expectations across the market from the hopeful to the pessimistic. With market-implied medium term inflation expectations close to all-time lows, Draghi’s reputation as the ‘man who (...)

May 2019

Opinion Which central banks will have the most room for maneuver?

In the decade following the Great Recession, central banks in developed countries have resorted overwhelmingly to unconventional measures to satisfy their mandates, be they dual (price stability and full employment) or solely focused on price (...)

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