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June 2022

Opinion Are recession concerns overdone?

Mark Nash and Huw Davies assess the prospects for global growth in an environment of heightened geopolitical tensions, rising inflation and interest rates and China’s zero-Covid policy.

February 2022

Opinion 5 Minutes to know your way around #3 - Débrief of the FOMC, January 2022

The FOMC of January 26, 2022 was eagerly awaited. The minutes of the previous committee, had shown that a balance sheet reduction was seriously considered, which had triggered a major correction in the equity markets. Analysis by CPR AM (...)

January 2022

Opinion US equities: three themes to watch in a discriminating year

2022 will be a new year in more ways than one. After more than a decade of monetary stimulus, the US Federal Reserve has signaled that it will raise interest rates and reduce support for the economy and asset prices.

January 2022

Opinion Monetary policy and the yield curve

Edward Al-Hussainy, Senior Interest Rate and Currency Analyst at Columbia Threadneedle Investments on monetary policy in 2022 and its implications for rates and the yield curve.

November 2021

Opinion Eurozone growth beats expectations, as inflation hits a 13-year high

The ECB sees inflation pressures as temporary and is unlikely to raise interest rates. The eurozone economy has outperformed consensus estimates as it grew by 2.2% quarter-on-quarter in Q3, matching the previous quarter. This leaves the level of economic activity just 0.5% (...)

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