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May 14

Opinion Which central banks will have the most room for maneuver?

In the decade following the Great Recession, central banks in developed countries have resorted overwhelmingly to unconventional measures to satisfy their mandates, be they dual (price stability and full employment) or solely focused on price (...)

March 11

Opinion ECB’s decision is likely to extend the period of suffering for European banks

Since the financial crisis, the unwritten rule has been that bad economic news was good news for investors, as central-bank taps likely would be opened. And if a central bank talked more dovishly than expected in a meeting, the markets were quick to react and (...)

March 11

Opinion The ECB is rushing.. at slow speed

Although they will only have 2-year maturities, the LTROs were already announced, so early that details are not even finalized yet. It was visibly considered necessary to send a strong message now.

March 11

Opinion Dave Lafferty : "If you were waiting for evidence that European monetary policy has turned the corner, you’ll definitely be disappointed... if not surprised."

Draghi essentially confessed to what everyone already knows - the European economy , after a short bout of strength in late 2017/early 2018 - is decelerating again.

February 28

Opinion Will the ECB be able to raise its key rates?

Markets no longer believe in the ability of the ECB to raise its key rates in 2019 and the theme of the Japanization of Europe is coming back. A comparison with the Fed’s experience in recent years allows us to see more (...)

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