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November 2016

Strategy Trumpflation : what now for investors?

Here we go again. As we saw post the UK’s EU Referendum result, financial markets sold off following Trump’s election win, with risk assets being the main casualty; however, by the end of Wednesday US equities were back in the black and investors took solace in Trump’s (...)

April 2016

Opinion Inflation in developed economies is on the rise

Inflation in developed economies is on the rise. Central banks and markets are currently relaxed about the upswing but this will change if economic growth revives from its recent mediocre pace.

June 2015

Strategy Negative real rates likely to be a lasting feature in the Eurozone

According to René Defossez, Strategist at Natixis, it seems reasonable to assume that, to begin with, the European Central Bank will endeavour to keep the 10-year nominal swap as low as possible, which means that the breakeven swap will remain deep in negative territory. (...)

June 2015

Opinion Eurozone inflation returns to dispel deflation

According to Azad Zangana, Economist at Schroders, for the European Central Bank (ECB), the faster than expected rise in inflation is unlikely to change its outlook or path of monetary stimulus. The ECB always had a more optimistic forecast than the consensus, and so will (...)

December 2014

Opinion Indian interest rates may likely to fall soon

With disinflationary pressures building in India, it may only be a matter of time before interest rates start to fall materially.

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