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February 4

Opinion Low inflation : dry powder?

One way to look at low global inflation is as evidence of policy successes on the part of countries’ central banks — especially in Emerging Market (EM) countries, where inflation rates are often below their central bank (...)

June 2018

Opinion Back to inflation: The inflation theme enjoys a more favourable momentum in the euro zone

The first estimates of May’s figures show very clearly that overall inflation has accelerated after several months of stability, proof that the ECB’s accommodating policy is being efficient. The analysis of Thomas Page-Lecuyer, Senior investment specialist at CPR (...)

April 2018

Video Inflation is back!

According to Valérie Quesada and Christophe Dehondt, Rate & Inflation Manager at CPR Asset Management, 2018 is the year of the return of inflation. It returns from the United States and will be transmitted to the Euro Zone. We should see 10-year inflation expectations at (...)

March 2018

Opinion Fear of Inflation

The increase in inflation has been considered as one reason for the correction. Accelerating inflation is related to the tightening of central banks’ monetary policy and the rise in the interest rate level, which may be a burden on economies and equity (...)

November 2016

Strategy Trumpflation : what now for investors?

Here we go again. As we saw post the UK’s EU Referendum result, financial markets sold off following Trump’s election win, with risk assets being the main casualty; however, by the end of Wednesday US equities were back in the black and investors took solace in Trump’s (...)

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