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February 2022

Strategy We have reduced our equity exposure through option strategies

Samir Saadi, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager of CPR AM explains that he started the year heavily invested in equities to capture the good momentum of this beginning of the year. Convinced that the year would be special, CPR AM introduced optional hedging (...)

February 2022

Opinion 5 Minutes to know your way around #3 - Débrief of the FOMC, January 2022

The FOMC of January 26, 2022 was eagerly awaited. The minutes of the previous committee, had shown that a balance sheet reduction was seriously considered, which had triggered a major correction in the equity markets. Analysis by CPR AM (...)

January 2022

Video During the month of December, we significantly increased our equity exposure!

CPR AM favored sectors such as value, European banking and energy, and maintained its preference for developed markets with good vaccination coverage. At the bond level, the management company maintained its short positions on US long (...)

December 2021

Video Overall market visibility has weakened

If the CPR AM experts remain globally confident about the global economy in 2022, they nevertheless believe that the overall visibility on the markets has weakened. As a result, they tactically reduced their equity exposure, in particular through the addition of option (...)

December 2021

News Where Impact meets Thematic Investing

CPR Asset Management organized an event on November 23, 2021 on the impact with renowned external speakers and its own experts on the theme: “Where Impact meets Thematic Investing”. During this day, there were 8 Speakers and 6 Workshops dedicated to Impact (...)

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