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July 27

Strategy Machine Learning : Choosing the best regime for you!

Machine learning and big data techniques have been developed making it possible to apply sophisticated mathematical models (hidden Markov switching models, which we will examine later) to financial data series in order to identify market regimes. All this has created scope (...)

July 15

Video Market update July 2020 - Cyrille Geneslay: "We remain measured against risky assets during the summer"

Cyrille Geneslay, fund manager at CPR Asset Management, indicates that he has pursued his vast strategy of asset reallocation started at the end of May within the CPR Reactive Growth fund, by selling American stocks to reposition themselves on "value" markets (...)

June 8

Video Market update June 2020 - Cyrille Geneslay "We took our profits on the Nasdaq"

Cyrille Geneslay, fund manager at CPR Asset Management, says he has made a major sectoral and geographic reallocation in the CPR Croissance Réactive fund. It has repositioned itself on European cyclical stocks ...

April 28

Strategy ESG and climate: When credit becomes sustainable

Those investors who have opted to incorporate ESG and climate issues into their portfolios will emerge from the crisis with even greater faith in their convictions and all the keener to take more action for the future. New investors will undoubtedly soon join the movement to (...)

April 9

News A cautious bias for CPR Reactive Growth with an equity allocation between 28 and 38%

According to Cyrille Geneslay, CPR Croissance Réactive has increased its exposure to Eurozone equities taking advantage of a temporary return to volatility to initiate optional positions. The fund gave growth bias to its US exposure and reduced exposure to Asia while focusing (...)

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