March 24

Innovation BlackRock launches Green Bond Index Fund as investors seek exposure to environmentally positive investment solutions

BlackRock has launched a Green Bond Index Fund, responding to the growing demand from investors for this fast-growing part of the fixed income market. BlackRock is one of the leading asset managers in the Green Bond market, with extensive experience of managing Green Bond (...)


Quantlab Announces Acquisition of Certain Assets From Teza


BofA Merrill Lynch March Fund Manager Survey finds investors in a bullish holding pattern

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Special Focus on Multi-asset funds: Prevent structural asset allocation biases to improve responsiveness, Allocation strategy for 2017, Multi-Asset Funds Face Investors Scrutiny on Flexibility…

Total Return Derivatives : Can Repo Emerge as a New Asset Class? | Index Total Return Futures (TRF) : Listed solution for implied equity repo trading via EURO STOXX 50® Index Total Return Futures (TESX)

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CI Institutional Asset Management launches CI Global Private Real Estate Fund for Canadian institutional and high net worth investors

ETF / Index - Infrastructure

Global X Funds Announces Launch of U.S. Infrastructure Development ETF (PAVE)


February 1

Opinion Hour of truth comes for the flexible funds industry

According to Tarek Issaoui, Head of Cross Asset Flexible Solutions at THEAM, coming months and years will most probably see more differentiation between the performance of flexible funds. As diversification benefits become less important, drawdown management will develop (...)


EURO STOXX 50® Index implied repo trading at Eurex


Michèle Lacroix : “SCOR has strengthened its teams to invest more heavily in bank loans”



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Innovation Bats Europe Launches Two New Indices Designed to Measure Impact of Brexit on UK Companies

Bats Europe, a CBOE Holdings, Inc. company and the region’s largest equities exchange operator, today announced it has launched the Bats Brexit 50/50 Indices, two new benchmark indices designed to reflect the impact of Brexit on UK (...)


News Hedge funds lower fees as FED raises rates

Hedge fund liquidations increased in the fourth quarter even as the industry surpassed the $3 trillion milestone, bringing the number of closed funds for 2016 to the highest level since 2008. Hedge fund liquidations increased to 275 in 4Q, rising from 252 in the prior (...)


Note Private Debt Industry Assets Approach $600bn

The private debt industry has continued to grow in recent years, and as of the end of H1 2016 reached a record $595bn in assets under management. Launched today, the 2017 Preqin Global Private Debt Report finds that both the level of capital available to fund managers (‘dry (...)


News Euronext and Morningstar collaborate in European Indices and Derivatives launch

Euronext and Morningstar today signed a strategic collaboration to launch product creation opportunities and risk management tools, based on Morningstar Indices. This offering, which includes new European indices for blue chips, will give investors access to relevant (...)


News Hedge Funds Hold their Nerves and Hedges ahead of the French Elections

The Lyxor Hedge Fund Index was marginally down last week. Lower oil prices and a weaker dollar contributed to the underperformance of Macro funds. However, they limited damages after building-up substantial long EM FX positions prior to the FOMC (as a result, their net (...)


Opinion Populists disappointed as markets welcome Dutch election outcome

According to Lukas Daalder, CIO Robeco Investment Solutions & Léon Cornelissen, Chief Economist at RobecoHaving said that, we should not overstate the impact: the rate hike that the US Federal Reserve administered yesterday has been the more dominant factor in financial (...)


Opinion Show Me The Money

The U.S. and indeed the global economy is walking a fine line due to increasing leverage and the potential for too high (or too low) interest rates to wreak havoc on an increasingly stressed financial system. Be more concerned about the return of your money than the return (...)


News European ETF Market flows continued their positive trend in February 2017

Net New Assets (NNA) during this month amounted to EUR9.4bn, nearly twice the one-year average of EUR4.9bn. Total Assets under Management are up 7% vs. the end of 2016, reaching EUR551bn, including a market impact of (...)


News Apax Partners MidMarket raises €1 billion for its ninth fund

Apax Partners MidMarket, a leading French and European private equity firm, today announced that it has raised €1 billion for its ninth fund, Apax France IX.


News ENGIE successfully issues its second Green Bond of €1,5 billion

To support its ambitious development strategy in renewable energies and energy efficiency, ENGIE issued its second Green Bond of €1,5 billion. The Group reaffirms its commitment and determination to play a leading role in the development of green (...)

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Stories How Nick Leeson caused the collapse of Barings Bank

In 1995, the financial markets were shaken by a massive scandal. Barings, one of the most prestigious banks in the United Kingdom is bankrupt following losses caused by Nick Leeson, one of its traders, aged 28 (...)


News Swiss Re Corporate Solutions joins forces with Seguros Confianza, Colombia’s leading specialty insurer, and acquires a majority stake

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and owners of Compañía Aseguradora de Fianzas S.A. Confianza ("Confianza") have signed an agreement under which Corporate Solutions will acquire a 51% stake in Confianza. This arrangement will provide Colombian corporate clients local access to (...)


Reading A fractal view of the markets, Benoit Mandelbrot

In an uncompromising book, Benoit Mandelbrot, French graduate from Ecole Polytechnique, denounces the inconsistency of the orthodox theory of finance and presents his fractal vision of the markets


Product What is CPPI (Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance)?

CPPI or Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance is a dynamic management technique that ensures a minimum guaranteed amount to an investor at the time of maturity


Note Investors and Managers Share Views on Trump, Le Pen, Technology and the Future of the Alternative Investment Industry in CAIS 2017 Survey

44% believe Trump administration represents the biggest global risk in 2017


News AnaCap acquires €2 billion NPL portfolios from GE and RBS

AnaCap Financial Partners (“AnaCap”), the specialist European financial services private equity firm, has announced the successful completion of the acquisition of two portfolios of Italian non-performing loans (NPLs) with a face value of more than €2 (...)


Note Financial markets and self-fulfilling prophecies

This phenomenon is equivalent to the change from a brutal economic and financial equilibrium to another, not because the fundamentals of the macroeconomic environment would justify it, but because there was a change for good or bad reasons of market (...)


Salary & Bonus Determination of Salaries

How are salaries fixed? Are they controlled by companies? Or by the State? Perhaps they are controlled by syndicates? Or is it an obscure system controlled by hidden forces? Not at all. Long term, itʼs a different (...)


Stories JP Morgan (1837-1913), founder of a leading institution

As one of the most influent American businessmen at the beginning of the 20th century, John Pierpont Morgan saved the US financial system more than once. He also initiated several important mutations of the US financial (...)


News Euronext and Morningstar collaborate in European Indices and Derivatives launch

Euronext and Morningstar today signed a strategic collaboration to launch product creation opportunities and risk management tools, based on Morningstar Indices. This offering, which includes new European indices for blue chips, will give investors access to relevant (...)


Smart Beta

Special focus on Smart Beta & Factor Investing : Diversified Equity Factor Investing | Smart Beta positionning and outlook within current asset management framework | Risk factor investing | Growing interest from investors in Smart Beta ETFs (...)

Solvency II

Solvency II: What is the impact of Solvency II for asset allocation? | Using of hedging strategies for portfolios via derivatives | Internal model or a standard model

Alternative Risk Premia

Alternative Risk Premia: Alternative Risk Premia strategies | Using Risk Premia for a true diversified portfolio | Investors Increase Pressure on Hedge Funds to Lower Fees | Combining différent styles for risk premia (...)

Gestion Action

Gestion Action – Comment investir dans les actions thématiques ? Small Caps, Growth, Value, Momentum, High Dividend, Equity Europe Income Defensive... Quel style de gestion pour quel rendement/risque ? La bulle sur les stratégies à faible volatilité est-elle en train d’éclater (...)

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