February 19

People Moves Talib Sheikh joins Jupiter as head of Multi-Asset strategy

Jupiter Asset Management is pleased to announce the appointment of Talib Sheikh as Head of Strategy, Multi-Asset. He joins the business in June and will report directly to Chief Investment Officer, Stephen Pearson.


Germany, or even Europe, to be thrown into political turmoil ?


BofA Merrill Lynch February Fund Manager Survey shows investor anxiety but does not give the all clear to buy the dip

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Eurex Market-on-Close Futures : Benefiting the market: a listed solution for basis trading | Application opportunities | Key benefits | Eliminated slippage risk

ETF & Index Management: Criteria used to select ETF | Measuring Performance of ETF | Passive vs Active | Build an allocation with ETF..

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BNP Paribas Asset Management launches two private debt strategies and strengthens team with new hires


BlackRock expands high yield range with fixed maturity bond fund


December 2017

Interview Isabelle Bourcier : “Our ambitions is to grow in Smart Beta and SRI ETFs”

Evolution of the ETF market, impact of the regulations, ongoing development at BNP Paribas Asset Management...Isabelle Bourcier, Head of quantitative and index management at BNP Paribas Asset Management shares its view with (...)


Pieter Entius : « Eurex Market-on-Close (MOC) delivers a listed solution for basis trading »


Eurex Market-on-Close Futures



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News Japan provides US $700 million to African Development Fund

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has signed a loan agreement with the African Development Fund (ADF) designed to provide an Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan to the tune of 73.601 billion Japanese Yen (approx. US $700.9 (...)


Strategy Back to normality

We remain constructive for equities, due to the synchronized global recovery, which we expect to underpin strong earnings growth. Given that until recently, investor sentiment was near record highs, we think that some sort of correction was indeed (...)


Opinion Vietnam & Cambodia - Asian frontiers on the front foot


Innovation BlackRock has launched the BlackRock Global Funds (BGF) Dynamic High Income Fund

BlackRock has launched the BlackRock Global Funds (BGF) Dynamic High Income Fund (the Fund), which seeks to broaden income sources for investors at a time when finding attractive traditional income has been a challenging (...)


News Euronext announces volumes for January 2018

Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone, announced trading volumes for January 2018.


Opinion The current volatility episode should be temporary

We have been expecting a pick-up in market volatility as part of our global outlook for 2018. The current volatility episode should, however, be temporary as market participants take note of the gradual normalisation of inflation and monetary (...)


Strategy Outperforming in Asia with boots on the ground

Arnout van Rijn and Victoria Mio attribute the success of their flagship equity strategies to opening an office in Hong Kong in 2008, enabling local access to the companies in which they invest. They previously managed the strategies as part of the emerging market equities (...)


News Investors turned to ETFs during Tuesday’s market volatility

$8.8bn traded across the iShares EMEA range, exchange volumes were equivalent to 340% of the average daily volume. By comparison, $5bn traded on June 24th the day after the Brexit vote.


Opinion Spread products perform well despite higher yields

The overall friendly environment on financial markets prevailed last week. While euro area macroeconomic data were on balance mixed, US data were slightly better than expected.


Opinion Tailwind for European Stock-Pickers

Markets took a breather after weeks of appreciation. European stocks underperformed, caught in between the repricing in govies yield and a rising Euro. Japanese and EM stocks were resilient.

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Stories How Nick Leeson caused the collapse of Barings Bank

In 1995, the financial markets were shaken by a massive scandal. Barings, one of the most prestigious banks in the United Kingdom is bankrupt following losses caused by Nick Leeson, one of its traders, aged 28 (...)


News ETFGI reports that assets invested in Smart Beta ETFs and ETPs listed globally increased by 32.3 percent during 2017 to reach 658 billion US dollars

ETFGI reported today that assets invested in Smart Beta ETFs and ETPs listed globally increased by 32.3% during 2017 to reach a new high of US$658.35 Bn at the end of December. (All dollar values in USD unless otherwise (...)


News AnaCap Financial Europe completes €325 million senior secured floating rate

AnaCap Financial Partners (“AnaCap”), the specialist European financial services private equity firm, is pleased to announce the successful offering by AnaCap Financial Europe S.A. SICAV-RAIF (“AFE”) of €325 million of senior secured floating rate notes due (...)


Reading A fractal view of the markets, Benoit Mandelbrot

In an uncompromising book, Benoit Mandelbrot, French graduate from Ecole Polytechnique, denounces the inconsistency of the orthodox theory of finance and presents his fractal vision of the markets


Innovation VIS Essential Investments introduces VIS EFW Efficiency Index

VIS Essential Investments, an independent specialized financial boutique based in Switzerland, announces today the launch of VIS EFW Efficiency Index, tracking the performance of 150 OECD-listed companies based on their capacity to capture growth linked to Energy, Food and (...)


Stories Capital Fund Management: Simply the best?

Discus Fund, one of CFM flagship funds, posted 23 percent year-to-date positive returns as of october end, the best performance amongst all the global systematic funds. This is the confirmation the know-how of the French manager which has shown exceptional trackrecords for (...)


Interview Régis Pinguet : “The two criteria used to select ETFs are its assets under management and on the other hand its replication methodology.”

Régis Pinguet, head of the fund selection and analysis department at CNP Assurances, tells us more about its use of ETFs


Interview Françoise Neige and Aurélie Jaclot : « a major cultural change encourages women to manage their own wealth »

Be a bank that is committed to women is the goal of Pictet, the Swiss bank, which has launched an offer of wealth management dedicated specifically to women.


Salary & Bonus Determination of Salaries

How are salaries fixed? Are they controlled by companies? Or by the State? Perhaps they are controlled by syndicates? Or is it an obscure system controlled by hidden forces? Not at all. Long term, itʼs a different (...)


News The market for catastrophe bonds (« Cat bonds ») remains dynamic!

Over the 12 months, the market for Cat bonds - bonds issued by securitization structure to refinance insurance risks related to natural disaster - remains dynamic, both in terms of volume and performance...


Multi-asset funds

Special Focus on Multi-asset funds: Prevent structural asset allocation biases to improve responsiveness, Allocation strategy for 2017, Multi-Asset Funds Face Investors Scrutiny on Flexibility…

Smart Beta

Special focus on Smart Beta & Factor Investing : Beta positionning and outlook within current asset management framework | Risk factor investing | Factors Value, Momentum, Low Volatility, Quality | Smart Beta and Low Carbon | Smart Beta and (...)


SRI : Green Bonds | European Social Bond ESG Risk Factors: An innovative approach using weak signals | Climate change : new investment risk demands action by investors, cautions new research...

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