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Where Impact meets Thematic Investing

CPR Asset Management organized an event on November 23, 2021 on the impact with renowned external speakers and its own experts on the theme: “Where Impact meets Thematic Investing”. During this day, there were 8 Speakers and 6 Workshops dedicated to Impact Investing.

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Among renowned external speakers included Pavan Sukhdev, Founder CEO of GST and Bruce Friedrich, Co-founder and Executive Director The Good Food Institute (GFI).

Pavan Sukhdev, Founder CEO of GST : « The term ‘’ESG’’ has been used frequently, and increasingly so. The term ‘’impact » of course is at the heart of ESG. Today we are in good situation where we can actually measure the impacts of a company in economic terms. This is a huge step forward in the world of ESG and I believe it’s the next evolution of ESG »

Bruce Friedrich, Co-founder and Executive Director The Good Food Institute (GFI) : « Governements care tremendously about climate change and investors are getting behind all kinds of things having to do with climate change : electric vehicles, nuclear energy, and so on. Global food is a multi-trillion dollar industry. And right now it’s doing a lot of harm to the climate, to biodiversity and to global health. Governments and Investors need to transform the way that food is made. And that will be good for the climate, for biodiversity and we can get rid of antibiotics and antimicrobials in food, and decrease the risk of the next pandemic. »

Olivier Mariée, CEO CPR AM : « We have been able to combine solutions that give a positive return for the customer and a positive impact on society. We want to carry on innovating on these topics. And we want to be your Impact Thematic Partner in the future. »

Vafa Ahmadi, Head of Global Thematic Equities : « Impact has become a major topic within the invstment industry. Thanks to the alignment of interests between asset owners and asset managers on one hand, and the growing level of consciousness of the necessity of doing good for our environment and our society on the other. And this trend it set to grow forward and at CPR Asset Management we are very happy to be already a very and important actor in this field. »

Bastien Drut, Chief Thematic Macro Strategist : « At CPR we think it is possible to take advantage of megatrends in thematic investment. In particular we have to look at 3 things. First things is, where are the megatrends in their development cycle ? Second thing is, how large will be the spending associated with the megatrends ? And the third thing is, to which extent is it possible to build an investment universe associated with the megatrends ? this is something you will discover in our white paper on thematic allocation. »

Article also available in : English EN | français FR

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