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March 2018

Strategy Survival of the fittest: adapting to complex markets

With monetary tightening expected, investors will need to consider the sensitivity of their equity portfolio to sovereign bonds and protect it as far as possible through active stock selection and sector allocation.

February 2018

Opinion The current volatility episode should be temporary

We have been expecting a pick-up in market volatility as part of our global outlook for 2018. The current volatility episode should, however, be temporary as market participants take note of the gradual normalisation of inflation and monetary (...)

December 2017

Opinion Are we heading for a bear market?

A series of seemingly unstoppable stock market highs have left investors wondering if a correction is coming. But predicting one is harder than it looks, says Lukas Daalder, Chief Investment Officer of Robeco Investment (...)

November 2017

Innovation TOBAM launches first Bitcoin mutual fund in Europe

TOBAM, the Smart Beta pioneer, announced today the launch of the TOBAM Bitcoin Fund, an unregulated Alternative Investment Fund, set up in France. The fund, the first of its kind in Europe, will allow qualified and institutional investors wanting to gain an exposure to the (...)

November 2017

Strategy Investors are not complacent in assessing risks

Markets have been remarkably resilient to political shocks, so are investors getting complacent? No, says Jaap Hoek in Robeco’s new five-year outlook.

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