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March 2018

Strategy Not the start of a bear market

According to Mohit kumar, Global Head of Rates Strategy, Crédit Agricole CIB, thus a rate sell-off from current levels becomes self-defeating. If rates sell-off further, it would trigger a sell-off in risky assets which would in-turn create a bid for fixed (...)

January 2018

Opinion End of an Era?

Do investors realize how good they’ve had it over the last 8+ years ? On the obvious side, the length and strength of the equity bull market has been well publicized. Since the March ’09 bottom, US equities are up over 300% (S&P 500®) while global equities are up over 200% (...)

November 2017

Opinion The end of accomodative policies, a new challenge for asset managers

According to Arnaud Faller, Deputy Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer at CPR AM, in this environment, we shall clearly favour equities over credit investments in developed markets, while leveraging on current opportunities in emerging bond and equity (...)

June 2017

Opinion Fidelity Fixed Income Monthly: US Duration offers welcome protection

As June’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting approaches in the US, Andrea Iannelli, Fixed Income Investment Director at Fidelity International, outlines why US duration offers welcome protection for investors.

June 2017

Strategy Don’t give up on duration

With interest rates likely to remain low for the foreseeable future, investors continue to face the dilemma of how to achieve a good level of income while carefully managing their risk exposure.

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