Mandarine Gestion

Mandarine Gestion, founded in December 2007 by Marc Renaud, is an asset management company which combines the advantages of entrepreneurial independance with the financial solidity provided by the backing of prominent shareholders.

Mandarine Gestion’s management and employees hold 55% of the capital, with the remaining 45% evenly held by three minority shareholders: Financière Dassault, family office of the Dassault family, UFG IM, asset management firm of the UFG group, and AMlab, joint-venture between the OFI group and Banque Postale Asset Management.

The company offers a diversified product range with a focus on equities and convertibles, which are our core know-how and experience. Our funds have been designed for all investor types.


November 2011

Opinion Momentum and pricing : some evidence

Few managers can both stay away of short-selling and reassess themselves sharply when prices are excessively low, and above all no one can make it happen every time. In these volatile and shocked markets, timing is key but difficult to (...)

May 2011

Strategy Buy in may and go away

According to Mandarine Gestion, current valuation levels in the banking sector constitute opportunities rarely seen over a medium-term horizon. However, over the short term, investors are preferring to focus on two factors while at the same time exaggerating in our view (...)

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