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June 27

Strategy ESG Data-Overload: Artificial Intelligence to the rescue

Today any ESG manager has to access, understand and analyse vast amounts of data, from worker safety standards to greenhouse gas emissions, to meet their commitment (and investors’ expectations) to embed ESG analysis into their portfolio (...)

June 24

News Multilateral Development Banks climate finance hit record high of $43.1 billion in 2018

Climate financing by the world’s largest multilateral development banks (MDBs) in developing countries and emerging economies rose to an all-time high of $43.1 billion in 2018, boosting projects that help developing countries cut emissions and address climate (...)

June 19

News The second issuing of RATP Green bonds an outstanding success

On 13 June 2019, RATP once again successfully issued “Green Bonds”, in the amount of €500 million, with a ten-year maturity date. The exceptionally successful transaction, which has a substantial subscription rate (>5 times), is fully in line with RATP Group’s CSR effort and (...)

June 11

News New Climate Endowment to be launched to commit long-term capital for the Green Industrial Revolution

a group of international investors and entrepreneurs have announced the launch of a Climate Endowment as an urgent response to the Climate Crisis and to the European voters’ outcry for a Green Revolution.

May 28

Interview Simon Bond : “Our European Social Bond Fund is carefully managed with a mix of maturities to offer daily liquidity”

According to Simon Bond, Threadneedle (Lux) European Social Bond Fund manager, the fund aims to balance three key elements: clear social impact, daily liquidity and financial return with a similar risk/return profile as a regular investment grade (...)

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