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January 17

News Nomura Leads First Green Bond Offering for Residential Mortgages in Japan

Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nomura Holdings, Inc., announced that it has priced a twenty-year Green Bond issue valued at 10 billion yen for the Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF).The JHF Green Bond is the first green bond in Japan aimed at (...)

January 15

Note How well are European asset owners’ portfolios aligned with the Paris Agreement’s climate goals?

WWF identified the largest asset owners in 11 European countries and approached 88 of them to undertake a forward-looking climate scenario assessment. 33 agreed to disclose their climate alignment results in this report for a set of key climate-relevant technologies: coal (...)

January 10

Interview Héléna Charrier : “Dialogue is the first lever of decarbonisation for investments in the companies financed”

According to Héléna Charrier, director of responsible investment projects at Caisse des Dépôts, Caisse des Dépôts and its subsidiary Bpifrance also want to support the decarbonisation of their investment portfolios in unlisted (...)

January 10

News Varma requires investees to make plans for reducing emissions

A shrinking proportion of Varma’s investments are in companies that are dependent on fossil energy sources and in corporate bonds that invest in them. This was also found in a WWF report that assesses global pension funds’ commitment to climate (...)

November 2018

News CNP Assurances announces new ambitions to withdraw from the coal industry

As part of its strong commitment to the fight against climate change, a few days ahead of COP 24, CNP Assurances announces new goals to reduce its exposure to thermal coal, the energy source that emits the most greenhouse (...)

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