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November 7

News Euronext Launches New Euronext Green Bonds Offering

Euronext announces the creation of a new Euronext Green Bonds offering across its six regulated markets. The initiative, which was launched today at Climate Finance Week in Dublin, is operated out of Euronext Dublin, the group centre of excellence for Debt, Funds and ETFs, (...)

October 21

News Nomura Acts as Bookrunner on Social Bond Offering for Miraca Holdings

Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nomura Holdings, Inc., today announced that it has priced five-year, seven-year, and ten-year social bond issues valued at 10 billion yen, 5 billion yen and 5 billion yen, respectively, for Miraca (...)

October 3

News Sustainability of investments: efforts still to be made

During a conference organized by the European Institute of Financial Regulation (EIFR), several experts emphasized the important role to be played by investors in order to organize the transition to the zero carbon (...)

October 3

News Enel launches the world’s first "general purpose SDG linked bond", succesfully placing a 1.5 billion U.S. dollar bond on the U.S. market

Enel Finance International NV has placed on the capital market the world’s first bond linked to the achievement of a sustainable objective, part of the Group’s corporate strategy and in line with Enel’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) of the (...)

October 2

Innovation BIS launches green bond fund for central banks

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has launched an open-ended fund for central bank investments in green bonds. Responding to a growing demand for climate-friendly investments among official institutions, the BIS’s green bond fund initiative helps central banks to (...)

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