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July 2020

Strategy Machine Learning : Choosing the best regime for you!

Machine learning and big data techniques have been developed making it possible to apply sophisticated mathematical models (hidden Markov switching models, which we will examine later) to financial data series in order to identify market regimes. All this has created scope (...)

November 2019

Strategy Solving for 2020 : Ten for 2020

The heads of Neuberger Berman’s investment platforms identified the key themes they anticipate will guide investment decisions in 2020.

June 2019

News Natixis supports the measures announced by H2O Asset Management and confirms the principles of its multiaffiliates model

Following the information released on 20th June 2019 by Natixis and H2O Asset Management and the statements of H2O Asset Management made earlier today, Natixis today provides the following additional information.

September 2018

Innovation Jupiter launches Flexible Income Fund managed by Talib Sheikh

Jupiter has launched the Jupiter Flexible Income fund, a sub-fund of the Jupiter Global Fund SICAV. Managed by Head of Strategy, Multi- Asset, Talib Sheikh, the fund will look to harvest a sustainable level of regularincome across multiple asset classes on a global basis. (...)

March 2018

Opinion How realistic are return expectations really February 2018 ?

Equities and real estate can structually deliver returns in excess of economic growth, but within limits, says Robeco investors Lukas Daalder.

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