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October 2012

Strategy Africa: Kenya’s Mobile Frontier

When we first started out in the emerging markets space more than two decades ago, we were in “frontier” territory as we entered markets such as Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey and Brazil that were previously closed to foreign (...)

March 2012

Strategy Africa, the emerging market story of the next decade ?

According to Mark Mobius, Africa could represent a tremendous opportunity for investors in the next few years. The continent is well known for its wealth of natural resources, much of it barely developed, which includes oil and gas and a variety of metals and minerals, as (...)

June 2011

Strategy Africa: A continent of opportunities

As global demand for commodities continues to grow, we believe Africa is in an enviable position with its vast resources, not only minerals but also food—60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land is in Africa...

June 2011

Strategy China in Africa

China’s burgeoning economy is demanding more and more natural mineral resources whether it is oil, copper, nickel, gold, and so on. Looking further into the future, the demands of China’s more sophisticated diets means that imports of food will be increasing as (...)

January 2011

People Moves The moves of the week!

Kris Hermie joins Petercam and will be in charge of development of strategies based on income equities. Sonal Desai has been appointed as backup manager of 3 funds of Franklin Templeton...

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