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July 2014

News Natixis Global Asset Management Funds $1 Million Investor Behavior Project at MIT

Investors worldwide are caught between a desire to achieve greater investment returns and an aversion to taking risk. To help individuals overcome these traditional investment challenges, Natixis Global Asset Management today announced a commitment to fund a three-year, $1 (...)

January 2014

News Launch of a Research Program in Behavioral Finance

Under the CIFRE plan (industrial contracts for training through research), Koris International launches a research program in Behavioral Finance through a PhD entitled "Behavioral Finance Approach for Risk Assessment in Quantitative Portfolio Management”, conducted by the PhD (...)

May 2013

Note Emotion is not a sign of weakness for investors any more

New research suggests that rather than staying cold-bloodied and rational the top fund managers use emotion to choose which stocks to buy.

February 2012

Note The rumour, a necessary credit analysis instrument

According to Bruno Mathis from SterWen and Jean Delahousse, all institutions exposed on Lehman which have highly developed credit analysis tools are able to detect warning signs as soon as they come about and would have almost four months to take safety measures (CDS (...)

November 2011

Opinion Momentum and pricing : some evidence

Few managers can both stay away of short-selling and reassess themselves sharply when prices are excessively low, and above all no one can make it happen every time. In these volatile and shocked markets, timing is key but difficult to (...)

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