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September 2019

News DWS Supports Drive Towards Climate Resilient Infrastructure Investments

DWS Group, along with more than 30 other institutions, supports the Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment (CCRI). The goal of the CCRI is to transform infrastructure investments by integrating climate risks into the decision-making process, driving a paradigm shift (...)

March 2019

Opinion ECB’s decision is likely to extend the period of suffering for European banks

Since the financial crisis, the unwritten rule has been that bad economic news was good news for investors, as central-bank taps likely would be opened. And if a central bank talked more dovishly than expected in a meeting, the markets were quick to react and (...)

December 2018

People Moves DWS Group today announces two changes to its Executive Board.

Mark Cullen will become Chief Operating Officer and Dirk Goergen will become Head of EMEA Coverage. Both will become members of the DWS Executive Board. Jon Eilbeck and Thorsten Michalik will leave the company. All changes have received regulatory sign-off and will take (...)

November 2018

News The S&P 500 tanked twice this year by some 10%. Neither nice nor historically unusual.

Dropping twice by some 10%, as the index has this year, might seem more exceptional. But it is not that uncommon, too, when looking back in history: at least two declines by 10% or more within one year have occurred seven times since (...)

November 2017

Product Chinese Stocks in Focus

China’s stock market is one of the surprises of 2017. In early March developed market equities reached their highest point in euro terms but slipped thereafter, while stocks from emerging countries, especially from China, have continued to grow at a (...)

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