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October 2

News Sfil Group’s 1st issue in US dollar of the year

With this transaction on a 5-year maturity, Sfil extends its dollar reference curve by a further 2 years and contributes to diversifying its medium- to long-term financing sources after 2 euro transactions launched during the 1st half at 5 and 7 (...)

September 22

Strategy Revisiting bonds for multi-asset

The last decade has seen a growth bias among financial assets, one that has become entrenched in equity indices. At the same time, bonds seemingly shed much of their protective qualities, offering investors very little by way of (...)

September 2022

Opinion A High-Yielding Haven

As an ever-more-aggressive rate-hiking cycle rocks the financial markets, might corporate credit offer a space that is both remunerative and relatively calm? Last week brought the third consecutive 75-basis-point rate hike from the U.S. Federal Reserve. The market had even (...)

February 2022

News EIF, CDP and Muzinich & Co. enter into a new 150 million euro agreement to support European SMEs and Mid Caps

One billion euro for new growth and financing opportunities to over 100 European SMEs and Mid-Caps affected by the economic impacts of the pandemic.

January 2022

News Successful €500m Tier 3 subordinated notes issue

CNP Assurances has successfully completed its first Tier 3 subordinated issue of the year, placing €500 million worth of seven-year notes due 27 January 2029 and paying interest at 1.25%. The notes qualify as Tier 3 capital under Solvency (...)

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