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Market’s Players THEAM, specialist in Index, Active systematic and Alternative portfolio management

THEAM offers investment solutions across a broad spectrum of underlying assets (equities, bonds, commodities, volatility, currencies...) through an extensive range of investment styles, from pure Beta to Alpha.

Market’s Players STOXX Limited, a global index provider

Best known for the leading European equity indices EURO STOXX 50, STOXX Europe 50 and STOXX Europe 600, STOXX Ltd. maintains and calculates the STOXX Global index family which consists of total market, broad and blue-chip indices for the regions Americas, Europe, (...)

Market’s Players Lyxor Asset Management, The European expert in all modern investment techniques

Backed by strong research teams and leading innovation capacities, Lyxor’s investment specialists customize active investment solutions optimizing performance and risks across all asset classes.

Market’s Players ETF Securities, world’s leading providers of exchange-traded investment products

ETF Securities is one of the world’s leading providers of exchange-traded investment products and a pioneer in exchange-traded commodities. We are dedicated to developing liquid, transparent investment solutions that can be traded on world stock exchanges. The company has a (...)

Market’s Players Ossiam, an expert in quantitative asset management

Ossiam’s added value lies in the development of non-discretionary management styles, based on quantitative and fundamental analysis and the availability of these management strategies through Collective Investment Schemes to meet the various allocation and risk management (...)

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