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December 2019

Opinion Headlines that might surprise investors in 2020

The outlook for the UK stock market remains incredibly foggy in the run-up to this year’s general election. Most global investors continue to regard the UK as an uninvestible market, as they have since the EU referendum in (...)

October 2019

Opinion The art of the deal

The UK takes a big step towards Brexit, with today’s key announcement. Parliamentary ratification is the next major hurdle to clear. With the DUP reportedly uncomfortable with the deal, the parliamentary arithmetic for Saturday’s vote is very hard to (...)

March 2019

Opinion Brexit’s impact for equity investors

For someone living, moving to or doing business with the United Kingdom in the last year, the “Brexit Question” has been an important consideration. During the beginning of 2019 there have been several dates, votes and occasions when we expected to get a detailed picture of (...)

February 2019

Opinion Brexit and beyond: Investing in Europe amid Political Risk

Political risk has been a feature in European markets for years. Lately, from Italy’s fiscal squabbles to turmoil in the streets of France, it feels like the volume of political noise has risen. However, political risk is not a reason to avoid European (...)

November 2018

Opinion Brexit update – the end of the beginning

Multiple sources suggest that UK and EU negotiators have reached a draft agreement on Britain’s terms for leaving the EU (the withdrawal agreement) including backstop mechanisms designed to ensure that Brexit does not create a hard border in Northern (...)

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