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CDC Climat, serving the economics of climate change

CDC Climat is a Caisse des Dépôts’s subsidiary set up in February 2010 to combat climate change. CDC Climat relies on a long experience of carbon finance in Europe. It supports the introduction of international, national and regional climate policies, by taking action in three areas :

  • It develops, either alone or with its partners, carbon market services: exchanges, registries and solutions for carbon assets trading and custody.
  • CDC Climat invests in carbon assets either directly or in the form of innovative carbon funds open to long-term investors aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by 60Mt for 2014.
  • Its research team, CDC Climat Research, conducts independent, neutral analyses for public authorities, market players and the general public.


CDC Climat is a fast growing team which gathers senior experienced specialists from carbon finance and project management and young professionals. All are strongly committed for the environment and in the fight against climate change.

Governance of CDC Climat

- The Board of Directors consists of two independent members. They meet on average every two months. Each Board meeting is an opportunity to systematically examine the business, environment, current projects and daily life of the company.

- The Stakeholders’ committee, at present being set up, will be a body devoted to thinking and discussion on the issues at stake with CDC Climat’s activity. It will consist of NGO representatives and independent figures well-known for their skills and expertise.

Investment policy

As an investor in carbon assets, CDC Climat ensures that the developers of the projects it invests in are compliant in terms of human rights and the sustainable use of resources. The carbon fund of which it is a shareholder applies due diligence in this area. CDC Climat’s investment policy includes a detailed ISR (socially responsible investment) section.

Sustainable use of resources

CDC Climat chooses all its suppliers for their ability to demonstrate the sustainability of their activities.

An internal Sustainable Development committee, made up of CDC Climat employees, puts forward good societal and environmental practices for the company to adopt in its daily operation.

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