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November 2011

Kiosk Understanding the eurozone crisis and its various facets

The current crisis is multiple. Initially sovereign and financial, it then became a social and political crisis. These changes do not facilitate the assessment of the situation, let alone the implementation of solutions. Back on the various facets of the (...)


Trading and Fraud: nothing new under the sun


Alternatives to financial markets investments


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11 August 2011
source: B.N

Turmoil around sovereigns’ solvency and the strong market drop currently observed raise many questions and misunderstandings. Taking a short break to look back at some analysis and themes (...)

6 December 2010
source: bloomberg.com

The most accurate foreign exchange strategists say the euro’s worst annual performance since 2005 will extend into next year as the region’s sovereign-debt crisis saps economic (...)

3 December 2010
source: reuters.com

Investment bankers don’t come up with a lot of financial innovations that today’s regulators and politicians like. But Barclays Capital is working on one that just might please (...)

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