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May 18

Innovation Lyxor launches 5 ETFs based on megatrends

Lyxor AM has decided to expand its range of trackers by launching 5 new equity ETFs offering an exposure to long-term global structural trends, which are set to redefine our society in the coming years.


Societe Generale finalises the acquisition of EMC activities


ETFGI reports that ETFs and ETPs listed in Europe reported net outflows of US$22.83 billion at the end of March 2020


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December 2010

News iShares JPMorgan $ Emerging Market Bond Fund surpasses $1 billion in AUM

The fund has seen over $700 million in inflows year to date...

December 2010

Innovation Source announces the launch of three ETFs providing single emerging country exposure: MSCI Brazil, MSCI China and MSCI India...

These new additions to Source’s product range are the perfect complement to the existing Source emerging markets offering, which includes the MSCI Emerging Markets Source ETF and the RDX (Russia) Source ETF.

December 2010

People Moves Philippe Chanzy was appointed Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer of Ossiam

He was previously responsible for the structuring of ETFs at Lyxor Asset Management ...

November 2010

Innovation NYSE Euronext to launch 6 new «Short» and «Leverage» strategy indices

The new «Short» and «Leverage» indices track the performance of a strategy that combines a treble to quintuple positive or negative exposure to the CAC 40...

November 2010

Innovation Aviva Investors launches innovative index arbitrage fund to external investors

The UCITS III fund aims to take advantage of the pricing inefficiencies generated when equity indices are rebalanced...

October 2010

News Natixis Global Asset Management Acquires Majority Stake in OSSIAM, a Specialty ETF Start-up

NGAM wants to position itself, not on the plain-vanilla market but in the specialty ETF market...

October 2010

Innovation NYSE Euronext and EasyETF launch European low-carbon index...

...and ETF managed by BNP Paribas Asset Management, in partnership with AgriSud, and WWF

October 2010

Innovation State Street launches Systemic Risk Index, an index that measures the US equity market’s vulnerability to market shocks

The Index provides a single, daily measure of fragility and can help portfolio managers to determine when they should consider hedging their portfolios or change investment strategies...

June 2010

Interview Jérôme Teiletche: «Replicators are complementary to hedge funds. They are also more liquid and transparent than investable indices »

Lombard Odier has been among the first asset management firms to launch investment vehicles which replicate hedge funds. We carry out an assessment with Jérôme Teiletche, the head of systematic investment strategies…

May 2010

Note ETF: The need for innovation and efficiency in servicing rapidly growing market

That is the conclusion drawn by State Street, in its study of ETFs services as part of its series « Vision Focus »...

March 2010

Strategy Managed futures strategies

This type of strategy is based on a simple idea: try to take advantage of an exposure on futures contracts («Futures») with the underlying being a financial instruments or a commodity ...

May 2007

Innovation JP Morgan launches the LifeMetrics index

To reduce the risks on the pension fund industry, JP Morgan launched the LifeMetrics index. This index is part of a global platform called "LifeMetrics" which aim is to measure and manage longevity and mortality risk (...)

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News iShares S&P 500 becomes the largest ETF in Europe

The fund was traded every day during 2010, with an average spread consistently below 10 basis points...


Strategy How Smart is ‘Smart Beta’ Investing?

Investors increasingly embrace “smart beta” investing, by which we mean passively following an index in which stock weights are not proportional to their market capitalizations, but based on some alternative weighting scheme. Examples include fundamentally-weighted indices (...)


Strategy An example of Quantitative Strategy: The Low Volatility approach

Low volatility indices and, more broadly, products based on quantitative strategies aiming to select only low-volatility stocks, have met with growing success with the financial community and investors. However, most of these indices have major drawbacks that cannot always (...)


Product Eurex Exchange: Index Total Return Futures (TRF)

Index Total Return Futures (TRF) are designed to offer a listed solution for trading the implied equity repo rate. Index TRFs aim to replicate the payoff profile of an Index Total Return Swaps (TRS) in a cost efficient way. The first TRF product launch will be the EURO STOXX (...)


Interview Total Return Derivatives: Can Repo Emerge as a New Asset Class?

According to Antoine Porcheret, Senior Equity & Derivative Strategist at BNP Paribas, Total Return Futures constitute a listed solution to mitigate concerns surrounding the envisaged introduction of bilateral margining for non-cleared OTC (...)


Innovation BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research Launches Green Bond Index

The index is designed to track the performance of debt issued by quasi-governments and corporations where the proceeds of the issue are to be used solely for projects and activities that promote climate or other environmental sustainability (...)


Strategy Risk factors: taking risk budgeting one step further

An increasing number of pension funds are opting to invest in ‘alternative’ or ‘smart beta’ indices to supplement their passive management activities. Several competing methods currently exist, each with their own objectives. Analysing the risk contribution of each factor by (...)


Innovation PIMCO has launched Foreign Currency Strategy Exchange Traded Fund (FORX)

PIMCO, a leading global investment management firm, has listed the PIMCO Foreign Currency Strategy Exchange Traded Fund (Ticker: FORX), created to offer investors the potential to benefit from fundamental changes in global currency dynamics by diversifying away from the (...)


News Amundi extends its Smart Beta and Factor Investing range with a new Dynamic Multi Factor Allocation process

Amundi launches a dynamic multi factor equity range within its Luxembourg international flagship Amundi Funds SICAV: “Amundi Funds Dynamic Multi Factors Euro Equity”, “Amundi Funds Dynamic Multi Factors Europe Equity” and “Amundi Funds Dynamic Multi Factors Global (...)


Innovation Ossiam ETF on the Risk Weighted Enhanced Commodity Ex Grains TR Index

Using its expertise in systematic asset management, in 2013, Ossiam has set up an ETF offering a long only exposure to a risk weighted enhanced commodity index, based on S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity Index constituents, excluding (...)


Innovation Solactive launches the Adaptive Wealth Strategies U.S. Factor Index combining three strategies in one index

Solactive announces the launch of the Adaptive Wealth Strategies U.S. Factor Index which dynamically allocates across three sub-indices with exposure to U.S. equities in the large and mid-cap segment and exhibits characteristics of one of three primary (...)


Innovation BlackRock expands sustainable ETF range with the launch of two new iShares

BlackRock announces the launch of two sustainable equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to address growing investor demand for long term, socially-responsible investments. These funds broaden the firm’s ESG and impact product offer that includes active funds, index funds and (...)


Opinion Benchmarking: The Multi-Asset Class Exception

Ask any active fund manager about his benchmark, and he will have a ready-made answer. Even fixed-income managers have plenty of indices to choose from. The call is trickier for diversified fund managers...


Opinion Combining Active and Passive management in a Portfolio

In recent years, long-held ideas on portfolio construction have been called into question. Investors can now choose from a range of “smart beta” strategies, offering exposure to market risk premia in a systematic, transparent fashion. Where does the dividing line between (...)


News ETFGI reports Assets invested in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ETFs and ETPs listed globally reaches a record US$25 Bn at the end of January 2019

ETFGI reported that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ETFs and ETPs listed globally gathered net inflows of US$730 million during January. Total assets invested in ESG ETFs and ETPs increased by 9.97% from US$22.47 billion at the end of December, to a record (...)


Interview Isabelle Bourcier : “Our ambitions is to grow in Smart Beta and SRI ETFs”

Evolution of the ETF market, impact of the regulations, ongoing development at BNP Paribas Asset Management...Isabelle Bourcier, Head of quantitative and index management at BNP Paribas Asset Management shares its view with (...)

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