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Sébastien Denry

Thursday November 17,2016,

Sebastien Denry, Investment specialist Quant Equity, THEAM

Sébastien Denry is an Investment Specialist at THEAM, the partner of BNP Paribas Investment Partners specialized in Protected, Indexed and Model-Driven management. Sebastien is in charge of the development of the Quantitative Equity Solutions of THEAM as a Quant Equity Investment Specialist. In his role he is involved in both Quant and indexed fund management teams where replication management includes Quant based indices.
Sébastien began his career at BNP Paribas Asset Management in 2009 and joined the SIGMA team in 2010 as an investment specialist on ETFs and Indexing where he was responsible for the promotion of the EasyETF and indexed fund ranges.
Sébastien graduated from ESSEC Business School.

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