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November 2016

Innovation GAM launches GAM Systematic Global Equity Market Neutral

The GAM Systematic Global Equity Market Neutral fund uses systematic strategies and proprietary trading systems to invest in global single-name equities. Designed to deliver returns uncorrelated with a long-only equity (...)

October 2016

News TOM shareholders to explore strategic alternatives

The shareholders of TOM have agreed to actively support TOM in finding a new strategic partner that will enable TOM to realise the next step in its development.

October 2016

Product Using Risk Premia for a true diversified portfolio

For investors seeking meaningful diversification of their portfolios, alternative beta strategies (sometimes called liquid risk premia) have low or no market beta and, if executed correctly, have low correlations to the major asset (...)

August 2016

Strategy Who is still bullish on equities?

After a glorious and rather calm summer, characterised by a broad-based rally by risky assets, range trading by govies and declines in risk perception and volatility, which we examined last week, we now propose to run through the exposure of the main categories of (...)

June 2016

News Multi-venue trading increases liquidity in EU equity markets despite duplicate orders, ESMA says

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued today an economic report on order duplication and liquidity measurement in EU equity markets. Order duplication means that traders replicate the same order on multiple trading venues at the same (...)

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