TOBAM is an asset management company offering innovative investment capabilities whose aim is to maximize diversification.

TOBAM’s flagship Anti-Benchmark® strategies, supported by original research and a mathematical definition of diversification, provide clients with diversified core equity exposure, both globally and in domestic markets.

TOBAM also publishes the Maximum Diversification® Index series (or MaxDiv® Index) based on the Anti-Benchmark equity portfolio construction methodology.

The company manages USD 6 billion through its Anti-Benchmark strategies for institutional clients worldwide. Its team includes twenty seven financial professionals based in Paris, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.


November 2017

Innovation TOBAM launches first Bitcoin mutual fund in Europe

TOBAM, the Smart Beta pioneer, announced today the launch of the TOBAM Bitcoin Fund, an unregulated Alternative Investment Fund, set up in France. The fund, the first of its kind in Europe, will allow qualified and institutional investors wanting to gain an exposure to the (...)

November 2016

News Amundi and TOBAM strengthen their strategic partnership

Amundi and TOBAM announce the strengthening of their strategic partnership and the increase of Amundi’s stake in TOBAM from 10.6% to 20.0%.

December 2014

Interview Yves Choueifaty : "Our Smart Beta strategy is designed to maximize diversification of any given investment universe"

According to Yves Choueifaty, Founder and President of TOBAM, The main advantage of the TOBAM’s Anti-US Credit Benchmark® is to build a portfolio without "bias" towards highly indebted issuers or those belonging to a particular (...)

July 2011

Innovation TOBAM launches the Anti-Benchmark Emerging Markets Equity Fund

The Fund aims to outperform the emerging markets equity cap-weighted benchmark by 4-6%per annum over a market cycle, while at the same time delivering significantlyless volatility (typically 30%).

June 2011

People Moves TOBAM recruits to strengthen its presence in the Francophone market

Sylvain Viret joins TOBAM as Business Development Manager, dedicated to the development of Anti-Benchmark strategies amongst investors in France, Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland.

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