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December 2016

Interview Michèle Lacroix : “SCOR has strengthened its teams to invest more heavily in bank loans”

According to Michèle Lacroix, Head of Group Investment Office at SCOR, for several years, equity exposure has been strongly reduced in the group investment portfolio in contrast to its bank loan exposure...

December 2016

Interview Marie Lemarie : “We have halved our equity exposures between 2011 and 2016”

According to Marie Lemarie, director of investments at Groupama SA, the conjunction of solvency and low-rate environment has militated for a reduction of the equity risk. Groupama has halved its equity exposures between 2011 and (...)

December 2016

Interview Jean-Philippe Médecin : “Solvency II did not lead to a significant decline in our equity exposures”

Jean-Philippe Médecin, funding and asset-liability management director within the CNP Assurances investment department and its team are increasingly integrating hedges to limit the effects of market drawdowns…

December 2016

Interview Agnès Lossi : "We expect a lot of progress in terms of dynamic balance sheet management and capital steering including their volatility, which is probably the major challenge for institutions."

According to Agnès Lossi, Partner and Director at Indefi, market risk contribution to capital requirements is high. It represents almost 50 % of the capital needs.

October 2016

News European banks meet leverage mark, but could face G-SIB add-on challenge

Europe’s leading banks look generally well-placed to meet global standards on leverage to be implemented at the start of 2018, but compliance could be tested should regulators implement buffers for the biggest banks, according to data compiled by S&P Global Market (...)

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