January 2019

Opinion Goldilocks vs Armageddon: It’s time to buy EM

Look outside the US, Goldilocks scenario doesn’t hold anymore; EM back on the buy list: take advantage of the Armageddon panic; The Damocles swords of 2018 are slowly being pulled back

March 2018

Opinion How realistic are return expectations really February 2018 ?

Equities and real estate can structually deliver returns in excess of economic growth, but within limits, says Robeco investors Lukas Daalder.

March 2018

Opinion Trump’s macroeconomic poison cocktail

According to Lukas Daalder, Chief Investment Officer of Robeco Investment Solutions, tax cuts set to raise US government and trade deficits higher • Tariff plans add a new flavor to an already toxic cocktail • Spare capacity will determine the fate of this (...)

March 2018

Strategy Does a liquidity factor premium exist in the stock market?

Academic studies present ample evidence in support of the existence of four factor premiums in stock markets: Low Risk, Value, Momentum, and Quality. Factor investing puts these concepts into practice by enabling investors to allocate their capital explicitly to these (...)

February 2018

Opinion Germany, or even Europe, to be thrown into political turmoil ?

In the Netherlands, the moderates hold on to power. Then came the election of French President Emmanuel Macron and the decisive victory of his newly founded movement, La République en Marche, in the French general (...)

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