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May 11

Video Consolidation risks seem high at current levels

CPR Asset Management has introduced optional hedges in its portfolios and has started to marginally reduce its net exposure to equities. The management company nevertheless retains a bias favorable to the value segment, the potential of which remains significant in its (...)

May 3

Strategy Event-Driven stays alluring despite the SPAC slowdown

Event-Driven strategies saw exciting developments in recent quarters, in a context where global M&A volumes saw the strongest start to the year ever. Global M&A volumes, close to USD 1.5 trillion year-to-date, were fueled by a flurry of U.S. acquisitions and Special (...)

April 27

Interview Olivier Thébault and Mia Dassas : "Investing in a SPAC is risky"

Olivier Thébault, partner at Allen & Overy and Mia Dassas, counsel at Allen & Overy, explains how PSPCs work, their advantages and disadvantages and the strong attraction of investors for this type of vehicle (...)

January 20

Opinion Inauguration Day 2021 – What is the outlook for US Equities and markets?

Understanding how individual companies are likely to perform in an environment dominated by the major themes that we have identified is likely to yield significant opportunities over the coming quarters and years.

December 2020

Video Market update December 2020 - Cyrille Geneslay: "We are going through an eminently bullish scenario"

In this scenario, Cyrille Geneslay, fund manager at CPR Asset Management indicates that he anticipated an asset rotation, favoring American small and mid caps, European value and more specifically banking assets in the euro (...)

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