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September 2018

Interview Ten years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers

According to Olaf Tölke, team leader, corporates, Scope Ratings, low interest rates are a major problem because they don’t reflect the true cost of risk. The result is that enterprises and individuals have taken on more and more debt simply because it is (...)

September 2018

Opinion Escaping Lehman’s shadow

Financial markets have staged a remarkable recovery since the fall of Lehman Brothers, but it’s been a joyless affair,” says Vice Chairman Edward Bonham Carter. “The ending of central bank support, both feared and wanted, hangs like a sword of Damocles over the (...)

September 2018

Opinion Getting to the Truth on Trade, and Yes, Ricardo Can Still Rest In Peace

Trade volumes, trade agreements, and tariffs have been the focus of capital markets over the last year. Capital markets have taken the existing unencumbered trade regime as a given, and priced in the continuation of the existing order of ever-expanding trade and lower (...)

April 2018

Opinion Russia now - should investors be bold or sit on the sidelines?

People are drawing parallels with the Crimean annexation and sanctions put in place then - which heavily impacted the Russian market. But the macroeconomic Russian situation is very different today - it is much (...)

April 2018

Note Asset quality is becoming less of an existential threat for the Italian banking sector on aggregate

Heavy scrutiny by supervisors has put the balance sheet clean-up plans of Italian banks under the spotlight; reducing NPEs has emerged as a key element of the banks’ business plans. Intesa and UniCredit look well placed to achieve their targets by (...)

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