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July 16

Opinion European equities have room to rally

The strong rally in markets during the first three months of 2019 reversed the trend seen at the end of last year. The US Federal Open Market Committee’s March meeting confirmed that the Fed has moved from mobilising against an inflation overshoot to trying to correct the (...)

July 11

Note Sovereign Investors pivot away from Europe towards China

Invesco released its seventh Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management Study, an annual in-depth report on the complex investment behaviour of sovereign wealth funds and central banks, which this year shows disenchantment with Europe among sovereign (...)

July 9

News Deutsche Bank: not necessarily too little but arguably too late.

The excited hyperbole of restructuring announcements can’t mask a central reality: from an industry perspective what Deutsche Bank is planning is not that radical and the targeted metrics hardly industry-busting. And is it all coming too (...)

July 9

News Fitch Ratings: Deutsche Bank’s Rating Will Depend on Execution of Restructuring

The direction of Deutsche Bank’s ’BBB’ rating will depend on how the bank progresses with its restructuring plan, Fitch Ratings says. The plan shows management’s determination to strengthen the bank’s business model and address its key (...)

June 19

Note BofA Merrill Lynch June Fund Manager Survey: Bears all around

Average cash balance soars to 5.6% from 4.6% for each of the last three months, marking the biggest jump in cash since the debt ceiling crisis in 2011; allocation to cash jumps 10ppt from last month to net 43% (...)

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