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April 11

Regulation ESMA clarifies format for disclosure of risk factors in prospectuses

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published its final guidelines on how national competent authorities (NCAs) should review risk factors, as required by the new Prospectus Regulation (PR).

March 5

Regulation EIOPA investigates how ESG and climate risks will be included in Solvency 2

In March 2018, the European Commission adopted an action plan to integrate sustainable finance within the financial system. For this purpose it asked EIOPA and ESMA to submit proposals on how to take ESG and climate risks into account under Solvency 2 and the Insurance (...)

January 15

Opinion Accidental Americans Create Headache for French, European Banks

Boris Johnson, who was born in New York but left when he was five, found it outrageous that he was obliged to pay US taxes. The easy solution was to pay to renounce his US citizenship, which he did in 2016. Hundreds of other accidental Americans don’t have the luxury of such (...)

January 15

Note How well are European asset owners’ portfolios aligned with the Paris Agreement’s climate goals?

WWF identified the largest asset owners in 11 European countries and approached 88 of them to undertake a forward-looking climate scenario assessment. 33 agreed to disclose their climate alignment results in this report for a set of key climate-relevant technologies: coal (...)

January 14

Regulation ESMA consults on measures to promote sustainability in EU capital markets

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has today launched three public consultations on sustainable finance initiatives to support the European Commission’s (EC) Sustainability Action Plan in the areas of securities trading, investment funds and credit rating (...)

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